Acquisition market and price for NEW Rolex Explorer in 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 26, 2023

Acquisition market and price for NEW Rolex Explorer in 2020 | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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The top models of the Rolex double wall are the Explorer and Daytona. The streamlined design may be worn for a variety of events, including work and pleasure, and has gained popularity among people of all ages. This time, I’d want to discuss the latest pricing adjustments in Explorer’s acquisition market.

※The purchase price listed here is the price in September 2020.

Rolex Explorer 214270 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2010~

The Ref.214270 is one of the most popular Rolex models. A robust market results in a high resale value. The market for Ref.214270 is rather steady. In recent years, the resale price has remained around 80% of the set price, which is a really appealing pricing. When most well-known watches are resold, the purchase price drops dramatically, but only the resale price of the Explorer is likely to remain stable.

The straightforward look is perfect for complementing outfits and may be utilized in any situation. It is a model with a large audience among Rolex because of its good performance and relatively low price, thus the price is unlikely to reduce in the future. The buying price increased somewhat in 2017 as a result of the Trump administration’s foreign exchange swings. Although Ref.214270’s rising is not as high as Daytona’s, it has been kept at a premium price.

Minor Changes in 2016

Ref.214270 was first issued in 2010 and was slightly modified in 2016. The essential characteristics have not changed, however the newer versions include luminous treatment on the hands 3, 6, and 9, as well as a change in hand design. The hour and minute hands thicken, while the minute and second hands lengthen.

Rolex Explorer 114270 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2001~2010

Explorer’s previous generation is represented by Ref.114270. There is no date display window; the function is kept to a bare minimum, with a single black design and no further adornment. The previous style still has a simple appearance, and the high level of finish is never tiring. Ref.214270 is currently 39mm in size, while the previous model was 36mm. People with narrower wrists likely prefer the older model. Ref.114270’s purchasing price is rising by the day. Although there is a lot of circulation in the market and it is not unusual, demand has not reduced for 8 years after manufacturing was halted, and robust demand is the major reason for the price to remain stable.

It nearly doubled its buying price in 2013 in 2018. Following that, the market continued to climb, and by September 2020, the buying price had treble. Based on its current trend, it is a good time to sell Ref.114270.

Rolex Explorer 14270Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1990 ~ 2001

The first two Explorer generations are represented by the five-digit Ref.14270. It uses the well-known sapphire crystal wind-proof mirror and metal frame hands. The look is nearly same to Ref.114270, although it is less expensive. It has been out of production for almost 15 years. Ref.114270 continues to be in high demand on the market. Around 2013, the price started to steadily grow, although the advance models Ref.114270 and Ref.214270 were supported by hot sales, and the market’s passion for this model remained strong. The market is avidly pursuing the “Tritium luminous” watch, which has been influenced by the recent vintage style. Although Ref.14270 is a watch with a consistent resale value, it is also a smart option to sell when the time comes the current market is high.

The Scale is Black!? Very Rare「Black Out」

Product codes E and X are extremely uncommon timepieces known as “Black Out.” The inner side of the scale is usually white, but this time it is black. Rolex nuances such as varied conventions will become extremely competitive collectors, with prices often greater than standard models.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 216570 Black Model Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2011~

Although Explorer II with its basic form is the most well-known in this series, Explorer II with its individuality has lately gained popularity. The re-adoption of the original (Ref.1655) 24-hour pointer design concept has sparked numerous themes and is widely welcomed by business people, particularly in the current Ref.216570. This model debuted a two-color series in white and black; the black dial is trendier and more popular. The global assessment of it began to climb in 2014, and the buy price market significantly grew in 2016. In 2018, during the pinnacle of the Rolex market, the price of the Explorer II 216570 jumped by about 10%. Explorer is more popular than II, although their resale values are not much different. The price might rise by up to 30% by September 2020. Explorer II 216570 is still receiving a lot of attention because of the COVID-19 and the broader economic slowdown.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 216570 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 2011~

Ref.216570 white, with its powerful presence points, orange GMT needles, and black scales, subverts the conventional Rolex image and demonstrates the present sense of fashion. The Explorer series’ most distinctive look is ideal for those who enjoy being unusual. In comparison to previous models, the Explorer II’s market is steadier, however this has lately begun to shift.

The purchasing price of 216570 white began to climb around the conclusion of the summer of 2017. In September 2020, the high price will be maintained. The price difference between the two hues is minimal. The popular hues will change according to the seasons, which is a unique aspect.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Black Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1991 ~2011

Ref.16570 is also a high-end style with a high price.

Ref.16570’s design is more similar to Explorer than the present Ref.216570. One of the most prominent arguments is that the style is straightforward and appropriate for corporate settings. This model also debuted a two-color series in white and black, with the black dial being more trendy and popular. Ref.16570’s purchasing price trend is comparable to that of Ref.216570, which has been climbing year after year since 2014. Since 2017, the price has stayed high, and the market declined significantly in the first half of 2018, before rising again in September 2019, indicating a V-shaped rebound. When the price remains high, this is the greatest moment to sell.

Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Acquisition Market and Price

Manufacturing period: 1991 ~2011

The difficult-to-find white dial in Explorer. In recent years, the basic and consistent style has won several accolades. The price of a Rolex has not changed substantially in recent years owing to the design of the dial. The market for black and white dials will be the same in 2020. In September 2020, the price remains high. So now is the greatest moment to let go.

Explorer Ⅱ 16570 Ivory Dial

The most notable and scarce model is the Ivory Dial Rolex Explorer II Ref.16570. Although the degree of color shift should be considered, its color tone is still distinct from other types. This distinguishing feature existed only in the first Ref. 16570, which is quite unusual. Rolex’s uncommon models are often found in watches with minor changes on the dial. Because to its distinct design, the Ivory Dial is highly regarded by watch enthusiasts. The greater the price, the better the preservation condition, and the higher the purchasing price of a watch with a better fading texture, the richer the color of Ivory.


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