How to Distinguish Between Genuine and Fake Louis Vuitton Storage Bags and Boxes? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: November 21, 2023

How to Distinguish Between Genuine and Fake Louis Vuitton Storage Bags and Boxes? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


I'm thinking of purchasing a Louis Vuitton wallet on a flea market app, but if it comes with a storage bag and box, then it's genuine, right?


Since Louis Vuitton is a famous brand, there are many fake accessories such as storage bags and boxes on the market.


Really?! Should I stop buying second-hand items after all?


If you look closely, you can tell if the storage bag or box is real or fake. This time I will explain how to tell the difference.

Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly one of the most notable brands in luxury fashion. The iconic French brand flaunts its timeless style and extraordinary craftsmanship through its beautiful fashion items, giving them an authentic, unique, and luxurious statement when people wear them. 

Unfortunately, Louis Vuitton, like other coveted luxury brands, is threatened by counterfeits. For instance, the Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes have many fakes flooding the market, making it difficult for customers to differentiate between genuine and fake.

As a fashion enthusiast and lover of Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes, you must be able to identify genuine items from this brand. While that may be tricky, rest assured we are here to help. This post will provide a comprehensive guide that unlocks all the secrets to distinguishing between genuine and fake Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes.   

Proven Tips to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake LV Storage Bags and Boxes

You can differentiate between genuine and fake storage bags and boxes by observing the following tips:

1. Observe the Stitching

The single most remarkable fact about Louis Vuitton is that it is consistent in its craftsmanship in the production of all fashion items. This consistency is evident in how they stitch their bags, regardless of size. So, to identify genuine LV bags and boxes, the first thing to do is to observe the stitching.

Louis Vuitton bags have five durable stitches that run across their handles. These stitches are precise and consistent in color, size, proximity, and quality. The stitching has a mustard yellow color, a thin size with no loose threads, all in proximity at both sides. Any observation different from this indicates you may be holding a fake Louis Vuitton bag.

2. Evaluate the Stamping on the Bag

Like many luxury brands, Louis Vuitton doesn’t add authenticity cards to their bags and boxes. The reason for this is to make counterfeiting of these items more difficult while preserving the genuine ones. At this point, you may ask yourself how Louis Vuitton authenticates its bags. It’s simply through stamping.

Louis Vuitton places a unique stamp on every fashion item, especially bags, to show authenticity. The stamp contains a unique six-character code highlighting where and when the bag was manufactured. The first two letter characters identify the place, and the last four number characters identify production month and year. 

You must evaluate this code closely to identify what’s genuine and what’s fake. You can check online for further comparison on the code. An extension of your evaluation is looking out for features on the stamp. The lettering on the stamp is thin, with the T’s touching each other, and the O’s are round and appear slightly bigger than the L.

3. Check the Quality of the Hardware 

Hardware quality is one of the easiest things that give away a fake Louis Vuitton bag and box. The hardware quality of a counterfeit bag is almost visible to the naked eye, but you need to double-check to avoid counterfeits that look so much like genuine bags. It would help if you observed hardware like zippers, handles, and connecting rings and hooks.

Louis Vuitton has the highest quality hardware. Their bags don’t have other brands on the zipper. The connecting pieces on the bags have a D-shaped ring, and the handles are smooth. All metallic components have deep gold paintings with crisp, precise, and carefully crafted Louis Vuitton engraving.

4. Check the Prints

Every LV box has the LOUIS VUITTON logo prints on the surface, and the bags have the LV emblem on the surface of the canvas. You must check the prints on the box and the bag to be able to differentiate between the genuine and counterfeit versions. The hack to this is observing the prints on the bags and boxes.

The LOUIS VUITTON print on the box has dark prints with clear letters. Dabbing your hand across the print should give you a thick feel without any tarnish to the quality of the box around the area. Fake boxes have thin prints, as you wouldn’t feel the thickness of the box when you dab your hand across it.

While looking at the prints on the outside, remember to look at the inside. Precision, a big feature of the LV brand, resonates inside and outside their bags and boxes. The hooks and zip on the inside must have the same quality as the ones on the outside.

5. Pay Attention to the Quality of Materials

Louis Vuitton has an inexhaustible catalog of luxury storage bags and boxes in different colors and styles. These items are also made with different materials. Still, some features remain the same across all the bags and boxes in the market: the monogram canvas, Damier, Epi leather, and the monogram Vernis. Despite remaining the same, you must pay attention to the quality of each one.

The monogram canvas must have interlocking LVs, four-pointed stars, suns, and flowers, all precisely aligned. The Damier must have uniform squares, each measuring around 0.65 inches. The Epi leather must have a faintly embossed LV logo along one corner, and the monogram Vernis should have a moderately pearlescent sheen.

6. Observe the Packaging

Elegance and minimalism are crucial pointers for luxury brand packaging. Louis Vuitton observes this by keeping its bag and box packaging precise. So you must pay attention to this when buying because it’s another area where you can identify a fake fashion item posing as genuine.

Louis Vuitton bags have a three-layered packaging system, including the packaging bag, the box, and the dust bag. Note that Louis Vuitton doesn’t attach price tags to its bags or fix a brand tag on the handle. Also, You wouldn’t see a plastic wrapper around the handle.

7. Check the Price of the Item

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand with price tags matching the high-quality fashion items they produce. These prices aren’t standard prices offered on other regular products. As a result, you must be conscious of the price you’re offered on your favorite Louis Vuitton storage bag and box.

Counterfeit bags and boxes typically sell for cheaper prices, and rightly so. Their production process and materials are poor, primarily created to make a profit, not to offer value. So if you get a price too good to be true, that’s a sign you’re getting a counterfeit storage bag and box.

While a higher price doesn’t necessarily equate to authenticity, these phony sellers will rather offer less because it’s still profitable for them. So, it’s better to check the Louis Vuitton official website to discover the actual cost of the bag you want to buy. Another thing to note regarding price is that Louis Vuitton doesn’t offer discounts in stores or wholesale outlets. So if you have a store offering that, it’s better to avoid it. 


If all the accessories are included, you can be assured that it is genuine.


If all the accessories are included, even if the storage bag or box is genuine, the contents may be fake. Be especially careful when shopping online. I feel relieved that it’s real.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Louis Vuitton Storage Bags and Boxes?

Observing the tips above will help you distinguish between genuine and fake Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes. However, you can avoid buying fake by observing the following measures:

1. Buy At Official Physical Stores

Louis Vuitton is a successful brand with production centers across Europe and the United States. In addition, they have physical stores in many places worldwide, implying that you can buy your storage bags at stores near you.

Buying at a physical store is an excellent way to observe the item and evaluate its authenticity before paying. It’s also the most effective way to avoid buying counterfeit items that unofficial stores and retailers near you may sell.

2. Buy on Louis Vuitton’s official website 

In a situation where you’re unable to visit a physical store, you can make orders online using their official website. Buying on Louis Vuitton’s official website means you’ll enjoy exclusive purchases of the same quality as those in official physical stores. 

 The best part about buying online on official websites is that you get quick access to new products as soon as they arrive. You don’t have to wait till they are distributed to physical stores to make your purchase. This is also a proven way to reduce exposure to fake products on random online merchants selling Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes.

3. Buy in Reputable Stores Selling Luxury Branded Products

Some stores have built a reputation for selling new and old luxury products. These retail stores typically buy directly from official stores and resell to customers within their location. You can buy your Louis Vuitton at these stores, provided they have a verifiable track record of selling authentic products.

While it may take a lot of effort to verify the credibility of these stores, it’s usually a good measure to reduce the risks of buying counterfeit items. So ensure you do due diligence before buying from any random store.

4. Don’t Buy Cheap Items

No matter how financially buoyant you are, cost analysis is essential for all purchases. If you hope to buy a Louis Vuitton storage bag, don’t buy cheap items because you’re considering the cost. As we mentioned earlier, Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand with prices that match the high quality of their products. This means the products are costly.

Therefore, whenever you see cheap Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes, it’s better to avoid buying them. Most cheap items are typically counterfeits of the original one you want. If you buy a cheap item, you may have to spend more money on getting the genuine one, and that’s more cost than you necessarily need to spend.

5. Avoid Sellers Who Continuously List the Same Product 

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that offers exclusivity on all products they sell, especially storage bags and boxes. As a result, buyers can’t purchase these products in large quantities, leading to scarcity. So, if you see a seller listing the products repeatedly, that’s a red flag.

Fake copies are readily available in multiple folds at cheap prices and a seller offering that cannot be trusted. So once you see that a seller lists a product continuously, don’t contact them. You’ll be doing yourself so much good by avoiding these sellers, no matter the price they offer.

6. Check Seller’s Sales Review

The good thing about buying luxury products at this age and time is that sellers have sales reviews. You can use this review to evaluate the quality of their product and service delivery. Hence, you can avoid buying fake Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes by checking the seller’s sales review.

A seller who sells fake items gets poor reviews from angry and unsatisfied buyers. Some even delete customers’ reviews to prevent others from seeing them and avoiding their stores. Some even buy good reviews to lure in customers. So, avoiding sellers with poor or no sales reviews would be best.

Additionally, you must check those with reviews and see the number of unsatisfactory products and service delivery they have. Verify the seller’s brand name, address, and phone number. If you can’t find this information, it’s better to refrain from such sellers, no matter their offer. Doing this would help you determine whether to buy there or look for more authentic alternatives, as suggested.


There are unscrupulous sites that sell fake products even though they know they are fake…


To avoid trouble, avoid products that are too cheap or suspicious websites.

How to Remake Louis Vuitton Storage Bags


If you transform it into your own original goods, you’ll love it!


Recommended for those who have no plans to sell and feel it would be a waste to throw it away.

Louis Vuitton Country Codes

Below are Louis Vuitton authentication codes for each manufacturing country:

Louis Vuitton Manufacturing CountriesLouis Vuitton Country Codes
FranceA0, A1, AA, AAS, AH, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, BU, DR, DU, CO, CT, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SD, SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TJ, TH, TR, TS, VI, VX
SpainCA, GI, LO, LB, LM, LW
ItalyBC, BO, CE, FO, MA, RC, RE, SA, TD
GermanyLP, OL
SwitzerlandDI, FA
United States of AmericaFC, FH, FL, LA, OS, SD

Final Thoughts on Louis Vuitton Storage Bags and Boxes

You should always get the value of the price you’re paying for Louis Vuitton bags and boxes. The best way to do that is to avoid fake items and buy genuine ones from official stores and honest sellers. This post offers proven tips to do that, and observing each one would help you get the product you want for a reasonable price.  So ensure you do due diligence.


If you keep these things in mind, it will be easier to get a high price!


Let’s keep the key points in mind so that we can sell the branded products we have purchased for as high a price as possible.


Thank you for teaching me more about Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes today.


I hope you understand that there are real and fake accessories such as storage bags and boxes. The presence or absence of accessories will affect the appraisal of the purchase, so if you are considering purchasing it, be sure to keep the explanations in mind!


I will! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?

Identifying a fake Louis Vuitton bag involves paying attention to the quality of its physical features. Some parts include the zippers, labels, stitching, dust bag, and prints. You can also check the date code and confirm its authenticity to know whether it is genuine or fake.

Where are Genuine Louis Vuitton Bags Made?

Genuine Louis Vuitton products have six manufacturing countries distributed from other parts of the world. The bags have three manufacturing countries, including France, Spain, and the United States of America. Other products are made in the remaining three, including Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Do Louis Vuitton Bags Have Date Codes?

Yes, all Louis Vuitton bags have date codes that serve as unique identifiers of genuine products. If you buy a bag without this code, you may have purchased a counterfeit product. So get familiar with the combination and be watchful of the code.

Can I Resell My Louis Vuitton Storage Bag and Box?

Louis Vuitton bags and boxes are valuable, whether new or pre-owned. You can sell yours whenever you want to sell. However, ensure it comes in a similar packaging as you bought it. Otherwise, you may not get buyers for it; if you do, you may get a low fee because of what’s missing.

Are Louis Vuitton Storage Boxes Useful?

Yes, Louis Vuitton storage boxes, as the name suggests, are used for storing the bag when they aren’t in use. Additionally, they are useful in packaging the bag when you sell it. So ensure you keep your bag in your storage box for such situations.


If you keep these things in mind, it will be easier to get a high price!


Let's keep the key points in mind so that we can sell the branded products we have purchased for as high a price as possible.


Thank you for teaching me more about Louis Vuitton storage bags and boxes today.


I hope you understand that there are real and fake accessories such as storage bags and boxes. The presence or absence of accessories will affect the appraisal of the purchase, so if you are considering purchasing it, be sure to keep the explanations in mind!

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