How Popular are Hermes Bracelets? The Appeal of the Classic Chaîne D’ancre | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: November 27, 2023

How Popular are Hermes Bracelets? The Appeal of the Classic Chaîne D’ancre | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Hermes bracelets are very cute and popular.


I agree. Bracelets are also available in a wide variety of sizes and materials.


Hermes has a strong image of bags, but they also have a wide range of bracelets. I'm getting more and more interested.


Now, let's take a closer look at Hermes bracelets!

Hermes is a leading high-fashion brand that has taken many giant strides in the fashion industry. Its traditional and contemporary fashion items reflect the brand’s consistency in capturing elegance and sophistication. While the Hermes bags rank highest on the list of the most iconic fashion items from Hermes, the Hermes bracelets are a close second.

Hermes bracelets are fashion masterpieces that beautify the wrist and pronounce the wearer’s style. They have remained a timeless fashion accessory for many years. But as special as they are, are they popular among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities?

Join us as we answer the question surrounding the popularity of Hermes bracelets. We will also highlight the charm of the bracelets, show the appeal of the classic Chaîne D’ancre, and suggest some of the best Hermes bracelets for both men and women.

How Popular are Hermes Bracelets? 

Hermes is known for producing and selling iconic fashion items, including the Hermes bracelet. The bracelet comes in different designs and sizes, embodying the brand’s style, value, and quality. But are these iconic pieces of fashion accessories popular?
Yes! Hermes bracelets are extremely popular and are highly coveted across the world. While they aren’t the most popular Hermes products, they rank high on the list of popular products. How so? Is their popularity down to the brand’s prestige, or there’s something more about the bracelets attracting interest from far and wide?

Why are Hermes Bracelets Popular?   

The Hermes bracelets have enjoyed spells of popularity across the world. The following are some of the reasons for the item’s popularity:

1.     Hermes Bracelets are Easy to Incorporate Into Style

One of the noticeable things about fashion enthusiasts is that they consciously choose every piece of fashion accessory they wear. From scarves to necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all items are carefully selected to align with the intended appearance, and rightly so. Positioning as fashionable demands that you’re selective in your choice of accessory.

While some accessories are challenging to incorporate into an appearance, the Hermes bracelets aren’t. Hermes bracelets have attractive designs with wide versatility, allowing users to wear them in different dress styles, from casual to formal.

Even if you’re not a fashion expert, you will appear like one when you adorn your wrist with a Hermes bracelet. It will sync easily with your style, and that’s one of the reasons why the bracelet is so popular.

2.     Hermes Bracelets are Available in Different Styles

Hermes bracelets are also popular because customers have a comprehensive option to choose from, as they are available in different styles, designs, and materials. Every customer can choose between silver or leather bracelets. Both have quality materials and other subtle features that show they are Hermes’.

For example, the silver bracelets have Click Crack, Chain D’angle, and Amulet. On the other hand, the leather bracelets have Collier de Chien, Kelly Bracelet, Medor Bracelet, Atame, and Api. These are selections of masterpieces by Hermes, and their stylish range is another reason they are popular. 

3.     Hermes Bracelets Allow Users to Create Originality

Like every other fashion item Hermes produces, Hermes bracelets give a luxurious and elegant statement. Every individual who wears the bracelet carries this statement with them. But in a world where uniqueness is paramount, can you achieve this with Hermes bracelets?

Yes! You can create a unique and original look with Hermes bracelets. All you have to do is layer the bracelets decently to pronounce a personal style. This layering can include multiple items of the same or different types. The bracelet’s accommodation of unique styling is another reason why it is so popular today.

4.     Celebrities prefer Hermes Bracelets

As a high-fashion brand with a series of timeless fashion products, Hermes commands the interest of several celebrities worldwide. This unsurprisingly leads celebrities and high-ranking individuals to patronize the brand’s exclusive productions. Hermes bracelet is one of the many Hermes products preferred by celebrities.

Today, many celebrities wear Hermes bracelets, as seen in their pictures on social media. Their preference for the Hermes bracelet has enhanced the item’s popularity worldwide, creating more attraction and purchase.


Hermes has a strong image of bags, but their bracelets are also stylish and popular.


I agree. You can incorporate it into your fashion more easily than a bag.

The Classic Chaîne D’ancre Hermès Bracelet

The Chaîne D’ancre isn’t only a bracelet; it’s also a signature design of some of Hermes’ notable jewelry collections. Being a renowned motif of the Hermes house of fashion isn’t by chance; it’s a product of the ‘intelligence of the eye” to identify the potential to create elegance from unconventional elements.

It all started with Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Thierry Hermes when he visited the Normandy coast. He saw chains connecting a boat to its anchor and was inspired to recreate such intricacy in Hermes’ designs. While that may sound simple, the idea for the classic Chaîne d’ancre came from this visit.

The Chaîne D’ancre is a silver bracelet known for its simple yet chic design. The chain-like design has tiny interconnected links that are rectangular in shape and a clasp to secure the bracelet in place. It is made from silver, a precious metal that enhances the bracelet’s durability and beauty. 

Depending on the user’s preference, it comes in different sizes and can be worn slightly loose or tight. Besides being one of Hermes’ notable products, the bracelet has no prominent branding. However, being a high-fashion item, the bracelet may have a subtle brand logo engraving.

What is the Appeal of the Chaîne d’ancre Bracelet?

The Chain D’ancre bracelet appeals to men and women with an eye for elegance. But what attracts people to the chain, making it one of the most iconic Hermes products, includes the following:

1. Unisex Design

The Chain D’ancre has a design that commands the interest of both men and women. Irrespective of your style as a man or woman, the bracelet fits right in it. The brand produces different types of this bracelet, allowing users to customize it to suit their preferences.

However, if you prefer to buy the conventional one, rest assured it will amplify whatever style you have, whether casual, sleek, chic, glam, or vintage. The simplicity of the design and the elegant statement it offers allows it to align with any form of fashion. So, being a unisex bracelet makes it appealing.

2. Availability in Five Different Sizes

SizesSize Per Frame
Women SizesChaîne D’ancre TPM9MM
Chaîne D’ancre PM14MM
Chaîne D’ancre MM17MM
Men SizesChaîne D’ancre GM21MM
Chaîne D’ancre GM24MM

3. Highly Rare

Another factor that makes Chaîne D’ancre appealing is that it is scarce. Even when ordering the bracelet, it takes six to 12 months to arrive. The bracelet isn’t mass-produced, so it’s not readily available for pickup after purchase.

Like other Hermes products, they must be carefully produced to meet the house’s standards and your preferences. These processes enhance the item’s rarity, making it appealing to people who value exclusive high-fashion products.


It is also possible to customize the frames. It’s nice to be able to make your own bracelet.


That’s right. There are many sizes available, so you should be able to find the bracelet that suits you without customizing it.

What are the Bracelet Models Derived from the Iconic Chaîne D’ancre?

Another testament to the popularity and appeal of the iconic Chaîne D’ancre is that other bracelet designs and models emanated from it. Below is a highlight of some of these models:

Chaîne D’ancre Farandole

Chaîne D’ancre Farandole is a variant of the classic Chaîne D’ancre.  It has the traditional interconnected chain link and three H pieces between the chain. It is 16cm long and has an attractive and feminine design, highlighting a woman’s delicate hands. Compared to other Hermes products, the Chaîne d’ancre Farandole is relatively cheaper. This makes it an excellent option to acquire your first Hermes product.

Chaîne d’ancre Punk

The Chaîne D’ancre Punk has a slightly different design despite being derived from the classic Chaîne D’ancre bracelet. The design takes the form of interconnected safety pins, simple yet elegant. It’s more contemporary and cool, perfect for those who want to improve their appearance.

Chaîne D’ancre Enchaînée

The Chaîne D’ancre Enchaînée is different from its predecessors despite retaining their essence. It is a cuff-type bracelet with fixed designs instead of connecting links to its predecessors. Despite this difference, it is also elegant, chic, and popular. It also goes well with different dresses.

Popular Hermes Bracelets for Men and Women 

While some Hermes bracelets are unisex for men and women, others are more suitable for each gender. Below is a categorization of Hermes bracelets for both men and women.

Hermes Bracelets for Men

The following are some of the Hermes bracelets suitable for men irrespective of style:

Chaîne D’ancre

The Chaîne D’ancre Is easily the most popular Hermes bracelet. As you know, it’s the inspiration for producing other bracelets. It is in this category because it was initially sold for men, but with the contemporary dynamism of styles, women now wear it. Whether you’re dressed casually or officially, you can wear Chaîne D’ancre as a man.

Collier de Chien

The Collier de Chien bracelet has a louder statement as a luxury item. It comes in different materials and colors depending on the buyer’s preference. Whatever option you settle for, rest assured you’ll get a bracelet with a sophisticated look. Its pyramid-shaped studs give it a bold impression, which can change when you customize it.


Goliath is the most stylish and manly Hermes bracelet. It features a woven Intrecciato leather and a metal fitting with Hermes engraving. The combination of the woven leather and the metal fitting gives the bracelet a simple yet luxurious appearance. If you want to create a unique appearance with bracelets, you can layer other bracelets on the Hermes Goliath.

Hermes Bracelets for Women

The following are some of the Hermes bracelets that are most coveted among women:

Chaîne D’ancre

The Chaîne D’ancre is also a popular choice amongst women. It’s available in three sizes for women despite being initially produced for men. It has a chain formed from interconnected Hs to represent the Hermes brand. The bracelet is durable and suitable for different dresses and occasions.

Clic H

The Hermes Clic H  is a simple yet luxurious bracelet with a colored enamel band with the H logo. The bracelet has a variety of plating, which may come in rose gold, yellow gold, or palladium. Like other Hermes women’s bracelets, they can be worn for different occasions, from casual to normal.

Kelly Double Tour

The Kelly Tour is a unique Hermes bracelet with two leather rows and a motif of the Kelly bag. It features leather and a metal fitting, which comes in different colors to create a unique piece for each buyer. The Kelly Double Tour is also versatile and can be worn either casually or formally, depending on your preference. It is also one of the most popular Hermes bracelets.


There are so many different types with the Chaîne d’Incre motif.


You can see how popular Chaîne d’Incre is.

Is it Advisable to Buy Second-Hand Hermes Bracelets? 

While the feeling is always different when buying a new luxury fashion item, buying a second-hand item is also a good idea. You must be sure it’s in good condition and buying at the right price. If you’re getting a good deal for a second-hand Hermes bracelet that’s as good as new, you will save on the cost of acquiring a new one. 

Additionally, most new Hermes bracelets have exclusive production and sales. It may be hard to get one, especially if you’re on a budget. It is generally advisable to opt for second-hand bracelets.

There’s a high demand for second-hand items because vintage is the new cool. In the search for uniqueness, many people have resorted to buying and wearing old designer models to appear vintage. So, this has created a market for second-hand products for interested buyers. You may even get a higher price than you paid if you sell. 


I see. If it’s a used item and in good condition, you might be able to get it at a good price.


That is why the demand for used Hermès bracelets remains at a high level.

Practical Tips to Sell Hermes Bracelets at a High Price

The hack to sell your Hermes bracelets at a high price lies in observing practical tips provided by experts. Some of these tips include the following:

1.     Evaluate the Bracelet for Scratches

Evaluating your item before taking it out for appraisal is the most underrated tip for selling at a high price. What’s common for many people is that once they decide to sell an item, they take it out without checking whether the condition is good enough to be bought at a high price.

So don’t make the same mistake. Evaluate your bracelet for possible defects like scratches or other damages. Once you notice any, try to polish it to remove as many defects as possible. Presenting a bracelet as good as new is a sure way to get a high price.

2.   Prepare the Accessories  

Most luxury fashion items come in quality packaging that extends the brand’s sophistication. Inside this package are accessories that come with the item you purchased. You can expect a dust bag, case, box, and receipt for Hermes bracelets. Providing all these accessories during appraisal can help you get a high price for your bracelet. It proves you’re selling a genuine product that retains its value despite being second-hand. So, prepare the bracelet’s accessories before you take it out for appraisal.

3.     Appraise at Different Purchasing Specialty Stores

Another hack to selling at a high price is to appraise your bracelet at different stores. This is a marketing tactic, but it deserves reiteration. Appraising at other stores gives you the market value of your bracelet. You get the idea of the potential price for the bracelet.

Additionally, it is the tactic to identify the dealer willing to pay the highest fee for your bracelet. So, ensure you appraise at different stores to position yourself for a good deal for your bracelet.

4.     Sell Immediately

Once you get an idea of the market value of your product, you must sell immediately. The way it works with these stores is that the longer the product stays in your hand, the lower your chances of selling at a high price. That’s because the condition of the item may become worse.

So, before your bracelet loses value, try to sell it as soon as you get a reasonable price. You only need to appraise at two to three stores to get a market price. Avoid visiting too many stores all in the name of finding a high price. 

5.     Sell at Stores Specializing in Brand Purchases

It would help to take your bracelet to those who can quickly recognize its value. In most cases, stores that specialize in brand purchases are the best places to sell your luxury items. They typically buy at higher prices compared to other random places.

Besides that, these stores have skilled artisans who can help revive the pristine luster of your item if damaged. It’s safer and much better than taking the item to stores with quack artisans who may ruin your item while trying to repair it.


I see. There is also a trick to selling Hermes bracelets at such high prices!


Even a small amount of effort can have a big impact on the assessed value, so we recommend that you do everything you can.

Final Words

The popularity of Hermes bracelets is undisputed because of their quality and charm, which leaves them attractive. The Chaine D’ancre is an excellent example of a Hermes bracelet that points to this fact. If you want it, whether new or second-hand, rest assured you can get a high price whenever you decide to sell.


It's easy to see why Hermes bracelets are so popular.


Although it has a long history, there are still many lineups available.


I would also like to find a bracelet that suits me. It might be a good idea to take a look at a specialty store!



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