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Date Updated: May 15, 2023

Hiddenite – Power Stone | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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Hiddenite is a kind of mineral called the gemstone of Spodumene. Please read article below to know more.

Hiddenite is a mineral known as Spodumene’s jewel. It is a gorgeous and valuable gemstone that includes chromium ions and has a color spectrum from yellow-green to green, pleochroism. Some emerald spodumene contains “Chatoyancy,” which is characterized by a ring of light that resembles a cat’s eye. The following will explain the origin, value, and properties of this gemstone, as well as its significance as a power stone.

Properties of Gems

Name Hiddenite
Japanese Name 鋰輝石、黝輝石(Yuukiseki)
Color Yellowish green, green
Family (species, varieties) Spodumene, Purple spodumene, Yellow spodumene
Moh’s Hardness 6.5-7
Polish Lustre Glass lustre
Chemical Composition LiAlSi2O6
Crystallography Single crystal system

Meaning of Gemstone

Comfortable, intellectual


Knowledgeable, Inner peace

※ Birthstone for 16th ~ 29th April

Country & Place of Origin

• America:South Dakota, North Carolina, California
• Canada:Quebec
• Japan:Ibaraki
• Brazil:Whole territory
• Madagascar:Whole territory
• Afghanistan:Whole territory
• Mexico:Whole territory
• Russia:Whole territory
• Pakistan :Whole territory
• Sweden:Whole territory
• Australia:Whole territory
• Nigeria:Whole territory

Features and characteristics

Emerald spodumene is a kind of “Spodumene” in the Pyroxene family that is formed from volcanic rock Pegmatite deposits (※1). It is a silicate mineral made up primarily of lithium and aluminum. The crystal shows a parallel stripe for the growth direction (※2). Pleochroism (※3) is also a prominent trait. Because pleochroism affects the beauty of gems, most people would consider ways to make pleochroism more beautiful while processing and cutting gem grade (※4) ores.

※1 “Igneous rock”: Refers to the rock that forms after magma cools. Magma is classified into two categories based on its cooling rate. After quick cooling, “igneous rock” forms, and after prolonged cooling, “plutonic rock” forms.

※2 “Stripe”: It refers to the distribution of many parallel lines (line patterns) on the material crystal surface. It can also refer to the linear scratches left on the surface of the rock or gravel by glacial movement of the crust.

※3 “Pleochroism”: It indicates that the gems can reveal varied colors or shades of color depending on the light angle, crystal axis direction, and observation angle. This trait, however, should not be mistaken with the well-known “color-changing effect” of Alexandrite, in which the color varies owing to changes in the light source.

※4 “Gem grade”: It refers to ore that has been deemed “possible to become a gem” while still in the rough stage. The ore that is lower in quality to jewels is sometimes referred to as “gem grade” by merchants. However, the term “Gem grade” refers to the former, in which the ore is deemed “possible to become a gem” during the rough stage.

Emerald spodumene and green spodumene

Aluminum is a major component of spodumene. Different hues can be produced by substituting various atoms for aluminum. As a result, spodumene has three names, each one called after a different color. Purple or pink is “Purple spodumene/Kunzite” and replaced with manganese ions, yellow is “Yellow spodumene/Triphane” and replaced with chromium ion, and green is the main topic of this article “Emerald spodumene”. The color green is sometimes associated with iron. However, there is still debate in the gemstone industry over whether this green contains emerald spodumene.

This form of green gemstone is commonly referred to as “Green spodumene” since it lacks emerald spodumene. Furthermore, yellow spodumene is the only gemstone whose color components are unknown. According to legend, the name yellow spodumene does not belong to purple spodumene or emerald spodumene. It is present in spodumene, which contains iron that appears green, according to this assertion.

Origin of the name

Emerald spodumene was discovered in 1879 by mineralogist William Earl Hidden in North Carolina, United States. His surname inspired the English name “Hiddenite” for emerald spodumene.

Maintenance method

Because emerald spodumene is readily broken, it must be handled with extreme caution. It is normally recommended to use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the dirt and sebum. Even if it is filthy, avoid washing it with hot water or an ultrasound machine. If you must wash with water, it is best to gently scrub in the basin and then quickly wipe away the water with a dry cloth. Soaking is not advised. Furthermore, when exposed to UV light or other light sources, emerald spodumene changes color and fades. As a result, prolonged exposure to light should be avoided. It is best to keep it in a cool, dark spot away from direct sunlight.


Emerald spodumene has exceptional transparency and a vivid yellow-green or green color that collectors love. Because of its scarcity, emerald spodumene is the rarest and most expensive of the spodumene family. At first impression, the texture of this gemstone appears to be quite firm and easy to handle. However, because it contains two elements, it is cleavage (※5). It is not shock-resistant, thus it is a craftsman’s worst nightmare.

Emerald spodumene and radiation

Purple spodumene is bombarded with intense radiation and turned green; this changed spodumene through radiation treatment is often marketed as emerald spodumene. Perhaps it is because emerald spodumene is rarer and more valuable than purple spodumene that individuals consider changing the hue and selling it. However, it is often assumed that emerald spodumene refers to spodumene with colored chromium ions. Radiation-altered gemstones are not often treated as emerald spodumene. If you are concerned about the value of the gemstone, it is best to ensure that the source of its color is chromium ion before purchase.

Example of color change by radiation

After the 9/11 terrorist assault, some people really sent packages containing anthrax bacillus to media and government figures in 2001. Following this discovery, the United States has chosen to irradiate all mail parcels with high-energy radiation in order to destroy microorganisms. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)(※6), a gemstone research institute, believes that some gemstones will change color when exposed to radiation. They saw it as a big concern and experimented with sending gemstones like purple spodumene in parcels. The pink-purple spodumene became green as planned. Few people are aware that if you want to ship a parcel of gemstones to the United States, you need first confirm whether the gemstone has discolored as a result of radiation and be cautious with it. ※5 “Cleavage”: A term used to describe ore or crystal that is easily broken in one direction. “Completely cleavage” indicates that it is simple to break in that way. ※6 “GIA”: stands for Gemelogical Institute of America. It has internationally recognized gemology education institutions, appraisal institutions, and appraisal research labs.

Emerald spodumene as a power stone

Peace, hope, growth, victory, insight, body and mind recovery, relieve stress, strengthen relationships, calm unbalanced emotions, and the effect of healing the body and mind. Furthermore, it can help people think clearly, get insight, and understand. As a result, it is known as the energy stone, as it promotes the wearer’s growth and leads individuals to victory and success.


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