Things you have to know! Precious Metal craved seal and Points | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date published: June 3, 2020

Things you have to know! Precious Metal craved seal and Points | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Types and nature of precious metal

Precious metal simply means a rare metal with low production, which is, gold (Au), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag), iridium (Ir), osmium (Os), palladium (Pd), ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), 8 eight types of metals. Any of them have excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and have valuable chemical properties.

Engraved points

Precious metals are stamped to indicate information such as its type and purity, and stamps will be different depending on products. While for products such as ingots, stamps will be big and obviously craved, there are also stamps that is difficult to understand depending on the product, and characters that cannot be read unless you see it with a loupe etc.

Content of the engraving

In addition, besides from the metal type and purity of the ring, the size of the jewel and the brand name are also stamped. For example, if it’s a diamond, “D”, emerald is “E”, and if it’s a ruby, there is an abbreviation letter such as “R”. In addition, if zero is omitted due to space deficiency, “0.28ct”is expressed as”.28″.

Jewel cafe’s purchase target

Jewel Cafe purchases all gold and precious metal products. Not only jewelry and gold coins, we also assess gold teeth, gold powder, gold Buddha statues, and industrial products made of precious metals. Jewel Cafe is fine even if you don’t know what metal it is. It will be determined by a designed machine that distinguishes the type and purity of the metal. There are many cases where gold is mixed with things that do not appear to contain gold. Coming to Jewel Cafe is also a nice advantage for providing free appraisal.

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