The history of gold that has captivated people since ancient times. | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date published: June 3, 2020

The history of gold that has captivated people since ancient times. | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Gold doesn’t perform metamorphism

Gold, unlike iron, does not need to be refined. Because gold exists in a single state in nature, it is considered to be a metal that mankind began to use earlier than other metals. It has been studied as a metal that has a deep relationship with immortality because it does not change even after many years.

Appearance of gold

It is said that gold was discovered and used about 6000 years ago. Gold coins began to be used in the world around the 6th and 7th centuries BC, but gold appeared later in Japanese history in 57 A.D. It is said that when China was called Han, a gold seal of “King of the Hans” which is also known as the King of Na gold seal, was presented to Japan, claiming as the first gold product to appear in the history of Japan.

The start of gold mine

After that, for hundreds of years, gold was not mined in Japan, only to rely on imports. However, in the year of 749, the discovery of gold in the present town of Kasuya, Miyagi Prefecture, led to the full-scale collection of gold in Japan, buildings and Buddha statues that used gold in luxury began to be built one after another. One of the most famous is the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara. There is a record that Emperor Shomu used about 150 kg of gold to build it. In addition, Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, known as a golden-colored building, is still a delight to many tourists by its glittering appearance with gold leaf on the entire exterior wall. It was gold that had been covered by imports for many years, but after it came to be able to procure it in Japan, it became exportable to other countries. As a result, Japan, which has showed a rapidly growth in its economic power, also strengthen its national power as well. It is said that this appearance was described as “Golden Country Jipang” in “The Travel of Marco Polo”.

Gold that is used in familiar items

And now, a lot of gold is used in our daily lives. Not only ornaments from what we can see, money is also used for industrial products and medical products, and it is included in familiar things such as the electronic infrastructure of mobile phones. Gold is soft and easy to process, and because of its efficiency in passing of heat and electricity, it is also suitable for processing on use in small parts. It has been prized by many people because it continues to maintain its brilliance and beauty and its high rarity.

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