Why you should change your battery at the watch specialty shop? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 15, 2023

Why you should change your battery at the watch specialty shop? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Where should I change my watch battery?


It is advised that you find a competent watch shop to change.


How to choose professional watch specialty shop?


The shop will have a qualified mechanic. Kindly read more.

When the watch isn’t working and the battery needs to be replaced, it’s critical to choose the right store. If you are unconcerned about changing the battery, you may come to regret it later. Normally, you can get this type of service at a nearby shopping mall or department store, but it is advised that you find a competent watch shop to change. We will explain in detail why you should seek assistance from a professional watch repair business rather than just any retail store.

At Watch Section at Departmental Store

Some retail stores in small towns offer battery replacement services. In general, this type of pleasant lifestyle departmental store is more popular than a professional watch repair shop. The advantage of a department shop is that the battery may be simply replaced at a low cost. However, a few precautions must be taken at the department shop.

Because most watch technicians do not have much experience, their level of ability is questionable. Some stores may utilize inexperienced workers to adjust the watch according to the manual, which may cause the watch to be damaged or even shattered. Due to a lack of experience, it is impossible to guarantee faultless service, thus bringing a luxury watch to a department shop to change the battery is risky. Furthermore, high-end luxury timepieces may have specifically constructed rear case tools, which are difficult to handle at a retail store. If you want to repair affordable watches, a department store with cheap and rapid service is an excellent choice; but, when it comes to pricey and luxury watches, perhaps you should look think twice.

Original factory repair is reliable but expensive and time-consuming

Going back to the original factory is the best way to repair or replace the battery. This is because the manufacturer will have all of the interior parts and their services are really dependable. Again, the maker factory will always have the most skilled specialists that are well-versed in their product. As a result, returning it to the original factory is the best option. However, there are drawbacks to the original factory, which are costly and time-consuming. When changing the battery in a department store, it may cost a few Ringgit Malaysia, but sending it back to the manufacturer’s factory may cost a few thousand Ringgit Malaysia. Besides, sending to the original factory might take 2 weeks for short or 1 month for a longer time. During that time, you are unable to use your watch.

The reason for the delay is that, when the watch is shipped for battery replacement, the manufacturing side will undertake extensive inspection, which is quite expensive. The manufacturer, for example, will not only test the electric pressure, electric flow, and crown check, but will also demagnetize, wipe off the vapor, and even apply oil to the waterproof gasket. Furthermore, this maintenance comes with a guarantee period, thus the price is generally high. Getting a full-service package is advantageous when changing the battery, but it is disadvantageous for those who only want the battery changed.

Furthermore, the maker’s factory receives a significant number of watches to repair every day, so you will need to wait in line after sending out your watch. It takes a few days after repair to conduct an inspection. No matter what, a minimum of two weeks will be necessary if returning to the original factory. Only changing a battery necessitates higher prices and more time. This is a source of stress for many people.

The reason we proposed watch specialty shop

Until now, we’ve discussed the distinction between the department store and the original factory. Following that, we will introduce a watch specialized shop that can supply both good points. A different store may have somewhat different items. However, if it is a speciality repair shop, their technicians essentially have comparable skills to the original factory’s technicians. Changing a battery in a watch speciality shop may only cost a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia, which is far less expensive than shipping it to the factory. Aside from that, the difference between going to a watch speciality store and shipping it to the original factory is that you don’t have to wait a few weeks for the watch to be returned. Normally, you can return the watch on the spot.

Watch specialist stores rely on more than just their talents. There is also a warranty period. As a result, many people will entrust their luxury watch to them to repair. If you are merely thinking about changing the battery, we do not recommend going to a department store or shipping it to the original factory; instead, give this watch specialty business a try!

Send back maker’s factory for water-resistant

There is a type of watch that is water-resistant. This sort of watch has higher specifications, and in order to keep the water-resistant function, you must be extremely cautious while selecting the servicing place. This water-resistant can withstand 5 or 10 ATM. After opening the back case, special equipment is required to test the water resistance of this watch. As a result, we recommend that you send the original factory or a watch specialized shop in the finest state of service.

Furthermore, no mistakes are permitted for the watch to function normally underwater. As a result, even changing a battery requires advanced abilities. If you need to replace the battery in a water-resistant watch, we recommend going to a watch specialized store or the original factory. It will be more secure.

How to pick a professional watch specialty shop

We will show you how to select an appropriate specialty shop for battery replacement. The experienced technician is the most crucial aspect of many watch specialized shops. A skilled technician will demonstrate his expertise. You can tell this shop has a qualified mechanic with only one correct decision. Another critical factor is whether or not the shop uses original parts. If the watch is fixed with different parts, it can no longer be returned to the original factory for service. As a result, while looking for a company that can handle long-term repairs, the shop should use original parts. It is preferable if you can discover a shop that offers a suitable service at a reasonable price.


Some people compare selecting a watch speciality shop to selecting a hospital. When family and friends become ill, they seek treatment at a professional hospital. People who want to repair a luxury watch should only do it in a high-end specialty shop. You will learn the technician’s skill by changing a battery, and we recommend that you hunt for a good business with the patient. Give it a shot if you happen to come across a reputable shop.


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