6 famous watch brands that have the best time to sell. Do not miss the price hike! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia – Malay | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 29, 2023

6 famous watch brands that have the best time to sell. Do not miss the price hike! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia – Malay | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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“When is the best time to sell watches at high prices?”

This is the question of many people.

Of course, the actual price depends on the brand of the watch you own as well as the state of the goods itself, so generalization is difficult. However, you may use the price of the watch brand you possess as a guide to determine when the optimum moment to sell is. Market pricing must accurately represent market conditions. Although it takes some time, generally speaking, as long as the price of a popular brand rises, so will the buying price. If the pricing is reduced, the purchasing price will likewise be reduced. This is the fundamental framework of the market mechanism. Which brand just raised the price of their timepieces? It’s quite tough for ordinary consumers to get this kind of information. Because there will never be a manufacturer that will advertise that it is going to increase prices.

As a result, this article has chosen six big watch manufacturers that have courageously raised their prices in recent years and are poised to usher in good sales prospects! Don’t pass it up!

※The pricing/market acquisition information presented in this article is as of May 2020. At the moment, certain watches have announced price changes.

※The phrase “timing of sale” refers to the current market trend and does not imply a commitment to high-priced purchases. Furthermore, the price will vary based on the condition of the watch, if the accessories are intact, and so on. Please contact us if you require further information.

Why is an increase in pricing a signal of the arrival of sale?

Why does the acquisition price rise when the brand raises its pricing? This is connected to the selling price, which is the market price. The purchase price is not simply limited by pricing as long as the location of purchase is not a brand counter. This is due to the fact that retailers that open concurrently frequently price timepieces based on the purchase price and current market circumstances. True, the market’s supply and demand condition is a big element influencing the price market, but price increases are also a factor driving the market to climb. Because price has an impact on the store’s buying cost. The market will determine the purchasing price, and the market will be utilized as a guide. As a result, when price increases make the market more appealing, the buying price tends to climb as well. As a result, when prices rise, it is the perfect moment to sell timepieces.

The watch business has seen a boom in price hikes in recent years. The cause is said to be the rising cost of raw materials and labor, as well as exchange rate changes stoking the fires, along with the recent rise in the market for luxury timepieces; it should have also played a role in its effect. In terms of the status quo, even if prices are raised, there will still be people wanting to buy watches, thus producers are keen to boost prices.

On the other hand, this is a tremendous wave for people who are thinking about selling their timepieces! The buying price of watches has risen to new heights as a result of the price increase and the expansion of the high-end luxury watch sector. Many watch specialist retailers will do everything they can to guarantee that popular watches are in ample supply, raising the purchasing price even higher. Of course, as stated at the outset of this essay, not all watches profit from the aforementioned occurrence. Even if the price is raised, it will not necessarily influence the buying price right away. However, for those who put their watches in a drawer or are considering purchasing new ones, the price hike should be viewed as an opportunity.

5 famous watch brands that have raised their prices in recent years

So, the next question is, which brands’ prices have risen? In addition to showcasing these brands, this post will discuss the brand’s current market acquisition patterns!


At the moment, Rolex is the most popular brand that routinely updates market pricing records. Rolex’s acquisition rate has always been the highest in the high-end watch seller’s market. The increase of Rolex watches has been especially frightening since 2016, and the buying market has reached an unusually high price.

The market for practically all Rolex sports watches is growing, led by the Daytona and GMT-Master II series, as well as the Explorer, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and Yacht-Master series. Even some of the stainless steel variants in the defunct models have documented records of purchases at exorbitant prices. Rolex, which is now the top brand in the watch market, has hiked it twice in the last year, first in 2019 and again in early 2020. Rolex watches are desirable after the second round of rises.

Take, for example, Daytona 116500LN, whose current market price has climbed significantly since it was initially listed in 2016. Furthermore, while the growth rate of Sea-Dweller Deepsea 126660 is rather stable, it has witnessed a second increase after being listed in 2018. So, what is the market’s current Rolex acquisition trend? Is it time to sell your Rolex?

The answer is definitely YES!

And, because Rolex’s cost remains constant, it is not an exaggeration to remark that Rolex is “always on sale.” Rolex’s market began to fluctuate after 2020 owing to changes in social conditions, but the market for most sports watches is still not awful. In fact, the market rose even more before Rolex published its 2020 new work (which has since been delayed). Because the watch is a precision instrument, its value will depreciate with time. As a result, if you own a Rolex and the current price and market are both growing, you may want to consider whether you should take advantage of the chance to sell it.


The dream brand in everyone’s mind: OMEGA.

OMEGA’s main products are the Speedmaster professional series watches, dubbed “Super Watch” and “Moon Watch” by watch enthusiasts. I feel that many individuals want this watch to be the first famous watch in their lives. Indeed, the Speedmaster series announced price changes in January and May of 2019.

After all, 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Speedmaster series’ inception. OMEGA also uses this occasion to introduce a fresh appearance to this unforgettable year. The parameters have been enhanced on both the inside and exterior of the watch. Although it is hard to predict whether the price would rise as a result of this, OMEGA has upped the price. The specification has changed, and a lot of effort has been done on the appearance of the dial design and the size of the case. OMEGA also upgraded the movement to the brand’s most sophisticated Cal.8800 movement. This movement not only has a Co-Axial coaxial escapement system, but it has also received Master Chronometer accreditation. Perhaps it is exactly because of the significant rise in features that OMEGA has raised the price even for traditional stainless-steel watches.

As a result, OMEGA began to raise prices on popular models. Although the pace is modest, progress is being made. So, what is OMEGA’s present market acquisition trend? Is it time to sell for OMEGA right now? To summarize, this is an excellent opportunity to sell OMEGA. Furthermore, OMEGA’s position in the seller’s market is immediately after Rolex and Patek Philippe, and it can be regarded to be a well-known and well-liked watch brand in the market. And, as a result of the recent trend of purchasing luxury timepieces, global demand for OMEGA has progressively risen. In comparison, the price rise appears insignificant. OMEGA, like Rolex, is one of the brands we aggressively pursue. OMEGA watches have several derivative variants, and the market price of certain limited edition editions significantly surpasses the MSRP. Nonetheless, not all timepieces have a chance to sell. Because of OMEGA’s active development, the market will appreciate the watches as long as they are positioned as “must-have” or “long-selling models” in the extensive product selection. So, at this period of price hikes, Speedmaster professional series watches are more appropriate. There is also the Seamaster 300 in the Seamaster line. Even if the price rise is slower than that of the Speedmaster, the market is continuously increasing. Aqua Terra and Planet Ocean are two of the most popular Seamaster genres. It is simple to sell them at a premium price. Although the Seamaster 300 is not the most popular watch on the market, it is also among the most expensive. The most crucial point to remember is that the market for discontinued timepieces has the ability to skyrocket in a single breath. The Seamster 300 is now on the market alongside the newer model, but if the prior model is unexpectedly revealed to be withdrawn in the future, the market price may jump even more. In any event, there is no doubt that OMEGA is a representative brand that welcomes the opportunity to market.


Swiss Richemont Group, SWATCH Group, and LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) are three watch business behemoths. Several of the group’s watch brands are also raising their prices. First and foremost, I’d like to present the IWC. IWC is a Swiss watch company, but its headquarters in Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen) are closer to Germany and are noted for their ability to manufacture simple and stylish timepieces. IWC has a lengthy history and has produced numerous well-known watches, but when asked about IWC’s most emblematic flagship timepieces, most people think of the Pilot Watch. Some Pilot Watch models are the same as Rolex, which was updated for the second time in 2019 and January 2020. This has resulted in a 5% increase in the series’ total price during the last two years. Although IWC will continue to release new models, it will not phase out the present versions on the market. After 2018, IWC discontinued the ETA movement in favor of the SELLITA movement. Other than that, there were no modifications to the specs. Furthermore, because the specs have not been greatly enhanced, IWC appears to have raised merely the price. However, based on the acquisition market in recent years, is it now appropriate to sell IWC? Not only the watch business, but numerous sectors, are raising prices due to growing raw material costs. Perhaps IWC had to deal with growing production costs as well, so it decided to boost pricing. So, based on the acquisition market, is it time to sell IWC? IWC and OMEGA are both well-known brands. The market has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. As a result, the most recent purchase price has remained high. The Portuguese series is particularly noteworthy. IW371445 and IW371446, which were added in 2018, are generally referred to as white dial gold needles and white dial blue needles. These two models are among the brand’s best, and they’re also among the timepieces that many watch specialist retailers have been aggressively collecting. Their market has always been solid, but the price increase in 2018 has pushed forward the selling date. IWC has currently totally restored the watch. In addition to replacing the movement to a self-developed mechanism, the Portofino chronograph’s look has been modified to a transparent rear plate. Many IWC watch lovers, however, still prefer the older model. Pilot Watch, on the other hand, is proud of its steady market, and it arrives at a perfect moment to sell. The series’ best-selling timepieces, such as the Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch and the La Petit Prince “Little Prince” Special Edition, have a propensity to rise in price. Because one of IWC’s brand qualities is constant purchasing pricing, it is difficult for its watches to decline in price. In terms of everyday usage, IWC is extremely dependable in terms of durability and stability, in addition to its exceptionally high quality, so even older models may be worn for an extended period of time.

This is the most significant advantage of IWC. Even very ancient watches with evidence of usage are still actively acquired by watch enthusiasts (the price may vary depending on the actual product condition).


As previously said, “the value of the watch itself will not decline” is another factor to consider when purchasing a high-priced item; if this is the case, Panerai is a prominent brand to consider. Panerai began by manufacturing military timepieces. It is well-known for producing high-quality timepieces with exceptional functionality that can survive harsh situations. It was bought by the Richemont Group in 1997 and became a member of its premium watch brand (it was previously owned by the Vendome Group). Panerai hiked its prices twice in 2018 and again in October 2019. The overall rise for all of its items is around 4 to 5%. Panerai, in reality, once reduced the price of all things in 2015. The yen gained significantly in 2015. Not only Panerai, but also Cartier and IWC, reduced their prices that year. The price reduction resulted in a rapid decline in Panerai’s market demand, causing the market to plummet like an avalanche. Surprisingly, Panerai’s “big and thick” infatuation has not only calmed down, but has even begun to become a sales resistance, putting Panerai in a bind in the rapidly declining Japanese market. However, because Panerai has always been extremely popular in other countries, the practicality and dependability of the watch are also profoundly trusted, so the worth and appraisal of the watch itself have been greatly reinforced, and Panerai’s popularity has been rejuvenated. Market acquisitions have progressively increased since the popularity has stabilized. Panerai’s yearly output is fairly limited since the company has always used a “quantitative production” production style. Popular watches will quickly sell out as soon as they hit the market, prompting many businesses that specialize in buying timepieces to aggressively acquire to assure supply. Panerai’s market grew rapidly between 2018 and 2019, thanks to the stabilization of popularity, growing cost, and other considerations. As a result, now is the optimum moment to sell Panerai.

Furthermore, the Panerai acquisition market will vary significantly according on the watch models, so keep this in mind. Panerai’s two primary manufacturing lines are now the Luminor and Radiomir series, each of which offer a range of variant designs. The market for some models shows no indications of recovery at the moment. As a result, in order to accurately estimate the price, the model must be checked. Our shop offers free valuation services; if there is no transaction following the appraisal, no handling fee will be charged. As a result, if you want to sell but don’t want to sell at a cheap price, please come by or enquire at any time.

TAG Heuer

Except for smart watches, all TAG Heuer goods have seen a 3 to 5% rise in price from March 2018. All models, including Carrera, Formula 1 (F1), Link (Lincoln), Aquaracer (competition diving), and other well-known series watches, are adjustment targets for this wave of price rises. For a long time, TAG Heuer’s most appealing brand attribute has been its exceptionally high C/P value, so even if the price is raised, this impression remains firmly embedded in people’s hearts.

Even while the market for numerous high-end luxury watch companies has increased one after the other, only TAG Heuer can retain a high C/P price even as new models are introduced. This is what distinguishes TAG Heuer. It may be described as the culmination of an enterprise’s relentless efforts. In truth, TAG Heuer actively employs “mass production” and “automation,” as do other old brand watch makers, in order to supply clients with high-quality watches at a reasonable price.

TAG Heuer’s market has been based on the ultra-popular Carrera series in recent years, and it has progressively showed an increasing tendency. The growing costs of Heuer 01 CAR2A1Z.FT6044 and Heuer 01, in particular, must have surprised many people. Furthermore, the purchasing price of the Monaco series and Carrera series Calibre 5 has constantly grown.

TAG Heuer’s market trend, on the other hand, has always provided the appearance of stability for several years, and so the total growth in 2018 is difficult to force the market to climb in one breath. In reality, it’s possible that it’s because TAG Heuer’s C/P number is somewhat of an urban legend in the watch industry, and even when adjusted up, it doesn’t draw much notice. As a result, TAG Heuer’s current high acquisition market is unlikely to be due to price rises, but rather to the brand’s deep appeal. TAG Heuer had planned to hike again in March 2020, however owing to socioeconomic conditions, the rise has been pushed back to June.

Brands that may increase their prices in the future

Although the price rise has not been formally disclosed, there are whispers circulating in the market about a certain brand that “is it going to increase the price?” When things are still in the rumor stage, individuals who plan to sell watches should pay attention. Because when the rumors circulate, more people want to buy before the price increases, causing the market to grow. As a result, the market may be significantly higher than the price following the price rise. This is one of the most important aspects to remember during the transition time. Patek Philippe is a brand that deserves special attention.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is the undisputed ruler of the luxury watch industry. Patek Philippe watches should be seen as craftsmanship rather than needs. The elite market is also applauding its regal demeanor. Having a Patek Philippe is equivalent to having a “asset.” As a result, the market’s aim for high-priced acquisitions is not restricted to the current fashionable trends. In the past, watches such as Grand Complications, the king of complicated functions, or a generation of classic Calatrava, have set extraordinarily high acquisition records in the market, not only because the price is exceptional, but also because the value remains stable. As a result, even if the price is hiked, it will have little effect on the existing market. However, as the high-end watch industry has expanded in recent years, even Rolex, which was first acquired at a very expensive price, has consistently established new highs. The stainless steel Nautilus 5711/1A is the most evident price rise among Patek Philippe’s watches. If you were fortunate enough to purchase Nautilus at a price near to the set price a few years ago and sell it today, the huge earnings will be in your pocket immediately! In reality, the price of Nautilus 5711/1A grew by roughly 20% in 2018. Of course, this is unlikely to be the only cause for the market’s rise, but given the market for this watch has risen in 2018, it cannot be dismissed entirely. The rumour that Patek Philippe is set to raise costs has been circulating among watch enthusiasts between 2019 and 2020. The numerous motions are particularly exciting for the previous Patek Philippe sequentially terminated production of representative classic watches, such as the Calatrava series Ref.5296G and Nautilus series Ref.5726/1A. Because this is most likely a forerunner to the release of new models in the series while raising pricing.

Of course, everything is still speculative, but such reports have contributed to the market’s focus on Patek Philippe, which is also evident. Patek Philippe’s purchasing price has capacity to climb by 120,000 points in the future. If you possess a Patek Philippe watch and are thinking about selling it, now could be the time to do it.


The purchasing price of various timepieces has gradually climbed in recent years due to rising pricing. This article chooses six brands that provide strong selling chances and introduces them in depth. Of course, many brands that are predicted to develop in the future but have not yet been represented in the market should exist. Because the transition period between the price rise and the true impact on the acquisition market might be up to a year. As a result, the industry is projected to have another period of strong expansion in 2020. While some businesses welcome sales chances, there must be others that require constant care.

Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, both connected with the Richemont Group, have plans to raise their prices. As a result, “I’d like to know the price of the watch in my hand!” “Is it possible to estimate if it’s not in good condition?” Please come to consult if you have ideas like these!


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