The beautifully shaped leather maintained by Hermès ──Veau Epsom | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 23, 2023

The beautifully shaped leather maintained by Hermès ──Veau Epsom | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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I want Hermes’ inventive and lovely interpretation to be as beautiful as it is fresh. Veau Epsom is one of the leathers utilized by Hermès to suit its clients’ wishes. This time, we will showcase the most popular “Veau Epsom” embossed leather, which has mild tension, high durability, and a distinctive glossy texture.

What kind of leather is the “Veau Epsom” that replaces the Courchevel leather?

In 2003, Veau Epsom leather was introduced as a substitute for Courchevel leather in the Hermès leather collection. Bull leather is pressed with fine grain (leather grain), is neat and tidy, has an attractive flavor, is moderately tensioned, and has a robust feel. It is frequently recommended for coexistence with serious formal attire. It is difficult to collapse and distort, so the bag’s elegant shape may be kept for a long time. The texture is lighter, simpler to handle, scratch- and wear-resistant, and has superior water resistance when compared to other materials. It’s simple to use and offers a large choice of things, including purses, wallets, and tiny accessories. The right luster displays a vibrant hue. The hues of Veau Epsom will thereafter be introduced.

Veau Epsom’s undefeatable classic “black”

Despite the fact that black is a traditional model for many materials, Veau Epsom has exactly the correct sheen, which makes the black texture cleaner and more competent, which is so amazing that popularity stays strong. Furthermore, Étain (tin ware gray) of Veau Epsom’s dark hue is an attractive neutral gray that is ideal for all seasons, as well as a delightful color that has swept the world. The “CANDY” collection of Birkin bags is also available in charming pastel colors. The substance used to achieve the vivid hue is none other than Veau Epsom. There are not only exquisite colors, but also colors for girls. If you want to utilize a bag to complete your look, you have a wide range of options is exciting.

Hermès also uses Chèvre goatskin, which is just as popular as Veau Epsom.

Elegant Veau Epsom models chosen carefully and recommended.

The sturdy texture of Veau Epsom lets the gorgeous Hermes model to last a long period. Of course, bags for formal events are popular, but lightweight and sturdy casual bags are also popular. Following that, I’ll discuss representative styles.

The synonym of Hermès bag “Kelly bag”

Best-selling Hermes Kelly bag is a classic. The basic form is known as art, and it has an exquisite appearance and qualities. The Kelly bag has a rich and varied composition, and Veau Epsom is used to keep the look of attractiveness. The hue is iconic and unrivaled in glossy and polished black, but the mild warm color scheme may expose a delicate texture. It may work nicely with either casual athletic shoes, high heels, or elegant clothing. A Kelly bag is appropriate for a variety of circumstances.

“Evelyn” is comfortable and casual without losing the sense of luxury.

The lightweight and long-lasting Evelyn also makes use of the Veau Epsom, a universal side backpack that I’d like to use every day. For years, the “Pinware Ash” has charmed the hearts of females in Paris. The distinctive shine of Veau Epsom allows the casual side bag to convey a subtle sense of elegance.

Elegant and luxurious “Kelly Long Wallet”

Kelly’s purse inspired the Kelly Long Wallet. “Kelly Porte Valeurs” is the official name. It serves as a beautiful wallet during the day and a chic dinner bag at night. Its appeal stems from the two’s compatible design. “Veau Epsom Black” in particular shows a melancholy texture, which may be described as the most perfect most excellent complement. The tidy appearance and spectacular leather texture of Veau Epsom may offer elegance to formal situations and generate a polished urban style on informal occasions, enhancing the owner’s attractiveness. Do you wish to choose anything for yourself? Veau Epsom is a place where you may admire the refinement of Hermès workmanship whenever and wherever you like.


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