How to differentiate the fake branded items? (Handbags and wallets) | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 15, 2023

How to differentiate the fake branded items? (Handbags and wallets) | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


It is quite difficult to distinguish genuine branded from imitations.


Yes, but there are some parts that we can identify.


What are the parts?


Please read on for more information.

Category of branded item like handbags and wallets frequently have fakes, mainly happened to popular brand name of product with higher circulation. Thus, they are generally easier to produce in large quantities by fake makers. Can you tell the authenticity of goods such as handbags, wallets or gadgets that are not as valuable as watches?

Handbags or wallets made from leather or canvas are easy to distinguish the authenticity

In fact, leather or canvas wallet and handbags are uncomplicated to distinguish their originality compare with genuine watches. For products that are made of organic material such leather, cloth and used as a material, the quality of the material itself is obviously poor and many imperfections sewing process that made it easier to differentiate. The most significant gap between authentic and imitation product can be found in the touch, the stitching and the logo. Furthermore, there are a few parts of imitation that can be identify its authenticity.

What are the parts that look like a fake?

●Check the material and quality. High-quality material is the main alternative for manufacturing branded items. The main choice for the excellent materials such leather, canvas, and metal. If using imitation material, it will leave the feel of flimsy and will look obviously unattractive. Genuine items have impeccable stitching and finishing. If you notice any loose threads, uneven stitching, or shoddy workmanship, it’s probably a fake.

●Check the packaging. One of the crucial part for genuine branded items are the certificate of authenticity, dust bag, and other packaging. It’s probably a fake, if the item comes in a plastic bag or has no packaging at all.

●Check the logo. The easiest ways to spot imitation items by checking the brand’s logo. Spots that are needed to give attention are the font, spacing, and placement of the logo. You can do the comparison to the original logo to see if it matches. Another spots that need to check is the color and the texture of the logo because a genuine branded item will have a crisp, clear logo that is uniform in color and texture.

Each brand has its own unique distinction between authentic and fake!

If it’s fake, you can tell by the poor workmanship. However, in order to assess what is genuine, you must be familiar with the concept of genuine. In general, the majority of genuine products must have a good feel to them, but how exactly does this feel differ depending on how accustomed you are to interacting with different well-known brands on a daily basis? Different brands have different indicators that can be used to tell an item is real or fake, so they should be used as a standard.

For instance, the LV manufacturing number can be attached to a discrete area of the product, and if the number is accurate, it can be used to confirm that the product is authentic. Other example like Coach goods that use canvas material can be identify by the number of stitches and the gap distance between letters.

A genuine branded handbags and wallets use designated hardware and manufacturer. For famous brand like Chanel and Gucci, they will provide you with guaranteed cards, instruction cards and other necessary items which is the proof of the authenticity of the product.

For some case, some brands require different differentiation methods, and our appraiser will check all the parts carefully. We will utilize our professional knowledge to make the final judgment.

It’s very important to touch and understand the authentic products

It will take much difference between the imitation and the authentic for sure how much to invest and effort to put in to making it. It’s often said that people who are familiar with the branded item/authentic item can know it if they look carefully.

Usually, authentic products are sold in boutique, but can people avoid from buying imitation branded products?

Of course, you need to be aware of the genuine versions of your preferred brands. Even without professional knowledge, if you have touched all varieties of authentic products with your own sense of touch and feeling, you can quickly notice “Huh, why is it so weird?” If you don’t have the opportunity to contact branded items, you can try to read branded items magazines and observe your favorite brands every day. The information will gradually affect. You’ll pay attention to it because you enjoy it! This may also allow us to enjoy our preferred brands in addition to helping us avoid purchasing fakes.


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