Old or Vintage CHANEL will recycle at high price, sell your CHANEL! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 17, 2023

Old or Vintage CHANEL will recycle at high price, sell your CHANEL! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Is the demand for CHANEL high?


Yes, because the value of CHANEL is high.


What about old CHANEL?


Also have high value. Please read more.

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Old or Vintage CHANEL will recycle at high price, sell your CHANEL!

In order for recycling store to purchase the branded, it is very important to do checking on stains. Even if the original branded item is high value but in poor condition, it is inevitable to lower the recycle price. But there are some branded items that are in poor condition, but it is difficult to lower the recycling price. That brand is “CHANEL”.

Even the conditions of CHANEL goods fall, the recycling price will hardly fall.

CHANEL own various kind of products such perfumes, handbags, watches and many more but the only product that can be recycle at high price is their handbags, especially the “Matrasse” series. CHANEL high price like “Combon”, “Cocoon” and “Deauville”, and black is also the most popular and the recycling price is the highest.

Mainly most famous CHANEL handbags are black and from lambskin material, which give the looks of fashionable and noble. When you see the black lambskin handbag, you know it is CHANEL although they have variety of colors. Thus, the black CHANEL handbag is the highest for recycling price.

Why is the recycling price of secondhand CHANEL the highest?

CHANEL, a French luxury brand founded by Coco Chanel. Her name is well-known by many women and making her as their idol, which make CHANEL brand very popular.

CHANEL handbags and wallet in the secondhand market are expensive because of the demand and supply. This is because only fewer people who want to sell CHANEL rather than who want to get CHANEL. The higher demand will cause the price to be higher too. In recent years, demand for secondhand CHANEL in oversea rose, so recycling industry will recycle CHANEL at high price.

Material used by CHANEL is different from another brand. CHANEL black Matrasse lambskin handbag with a slight stain will not look as obvious as other colors. Moreover, mostly the inner parts of CHANEL are made of fabric, which can be kept in good condition for a long time compared to Louis Vuitton leather, which can easily change the color.

How to recycle CHANEL at high price?

Firstly, the accessories must be complete including the original box and dust bag should be in good condition too. The guaranteed card is the most crucial item for CHANEL handbags, which can hold a high value evaluated in the accessories. Secondly, use cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface and clean the stains on the inner surface as necessary as possible.

Take another brand of handbags with the same price as an example. If the handbags from another brand cost RM15,000, for instance, the recycling price might be as low as RM1,000 or it might not be possible to buy them. Even if it is CHANEL, it will still be worth thousands of Malaysian Ringgit. Come to JEWEL CAFE MALAYSIA for a free estimation if you have a CHANEL handbag you no longer need!


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