Value Added of “accessories” when selling second hand branded items | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 14, 2023

Value Added of “accessories” when selling second hand branded items | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Did you know that accessories play an important role in price?


No, why? And what accessories affected the price?


To know what accessories will affect the price continue to read.


Okay let's read.

What impression do you put when purchasing a branded item? Do you expect to have any free gift or some accessories? But many doesn’t pay attention about it and throw it away including the guaranteed cards and other accessories because of over excited after having the branded items. Let’s see the connection between these accessories and the recycling price.

In the branded item auction, there is such a big difference between accessories and no accessories!

Numerous second-hand branded auctions located in Tokyo, Japan. It is very easy to find a second-hand branded items there and usually they come with relevant information such as “in good condition, with a box”. These are often mentioned in the sale of secondhand store. Full set accessories such variety of boxes, dust bag, warranty cards, maintenance cards and such important cards are actually worth in second-hand value. In branded auctions, there are a lot of accessories that is conceivable with accessories. It is totally different from that of none, and most of the auction prices are higher. Let’s take the dust bag as an example. LV handbags normally attached with a thin non-premium dust bag, but because of the price of this dust bag, there can be a difference of one to two percent. Thus, this is same for auction nor branded item at recycling store. Take your branded item with full set, dust bag or preservation bag if any to the second-hand store because it will enhance the impression of the identification.

What are the accessories affected the price?

[When purchasing the branded item, keep all the accessories]
[Please check all the complete accessories before selling it, to avoid any unevenness]
What are the accessories? The following is a brief explanation.

●Guarantee card – The guaranteed card is very important as it prove that the product is genuine, and each brand strictly attached the card with their products. In some case, a few brands cannot recycle without a card, so it is important to keep all the details of your branded purchase. Also, where the tag or label attached to the products, it is better to keep it the way it is to care the price and be careful not to lose it.

●Box – Most products like handbags, wallets, watches are packed with boxes. But handbags are huge, might not need the box, and for small object such as a wallet or a watch, that box is very important, and it is better to keep it well.

●Maintenance card / Maintenance book – Primary for accessories such as watches, and branded jewelry are useful for repair and at time of sale.

●Dust Bag – Dust bags used to protect handbags and other items although they are thin bags. Let me notify you that dust bags are actually one of the factors that can increase the price of second-hand branded items.

Moreover, some of the brands will include the purchase certificate when buying gems or jewelry besides the appraisal certificate. When buying a branded item, you need to be alert of what you have to keep in order to make your appraisal went smoothly.

Have a good habit of safekeeping?

To prevent losing them, you should only keep the smaller accessories and group them together in one location. You can place any related documentation, such as a maintenance manual or warranty card, in the box with the item. If not, gather them and combine them. It might be possible to keep it inside the item, such as a wallet or handbag, or toss it in a dust bag.

You can never predict how long your branded product will remain in demand. Having the aforementioned preservation awareness will make it easier for you to take care of yourself in the future.

Keep accessories only to look good?

To prevent the price from being lowered when selling them, keep all the accessories in good condition. The good feeling of “there are accessories!” is just one of many, though. These accessories from the brand itself are the proof of its authenticity.

Recyclable second-hand stores frequently have to take a chance on potential fake goods. Price changes may be possible when taking into account the potential for losses because even the most seasoned appraisers are human, and there is no guarantee that their estimates will always be accurate. However, people will feel more dependable if there are dust bags and all of the accessories are present, and second-hand recycling stores will also buy as a result of this sense of security, which is frequently reflected in the recycling price. Even though the accessory doesn’t add much value, it does have an impact on the cost of recycling. Therefore, continue to hold fast to the notion that “accessories are part of a branded.


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