What happens when the watch is magnetized and ways to demagnetization | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 15, 2023

What happens when the watch is magnetized and ways to demagnetization | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Do you know about magnetized?


It is when the watch negatively impacted by magnetism.


Can emit magnetism affects the operation of the watch?


Yes, you can read to know the magnetic objects.

We are surrounded by electronic devices such as laptops, smart phones, televisions, microwave ovens, and so on. Although the majority of these electronic devices are needs, they are also a source of radiated magnetism. This level of magnetic force has no effect on the human body, but it does on watches. Even a small quantity of magnetism can have a significant impact on a watch.

What is “magnetized”?

“Magnetized” refers to the state of the watch when it is negatively impacted by magnetism. Watches can be magnetized if they are near magnetic objects, particularly mechanical watches, which are exceptionally susceptible to magnetism.

Metal magnetization

Watches are made up of several parts, the most of which are composed of metal. When metal receives magnetic force, it attracts metal to metal like a magnet.

This is a case of metal magnetization. After the watch’s components are magnetic, they begin to attract one another. However, this will cause the watch’s components to shift or perhaps stop operating. Watches, in particular, are precise gear, and even a small magnetic force can have a large impact.

The influence of magnetism on analog battery watches

After magnetizing the analog battery watch, the magnetic force will interfere with the operation of the watch’s motor. Because the motor in the battery watch is powered by magnets, the watch will turn swiftly, slowly, or even halt after being magnetized.

Digital battery watch not affected by magnetism

Digital battery watches are not affected by magnetic interference, however analog battery watches are. There will be no effect even if the digital battery watch is close to magnetic things. Because the parts in the digital battery watch are not magnetized, you don’t have to be as careful when wearing it as you would with other watches.

Mechanical watches are affected by magnetism

A mechanical watch’s internal components are mostly constructed of metal. As a result of the magnetic force, the parts get magnetized, interfering with the operation of the mechanical watch’s balance wheel, causing the watch to have problems with quick rotation or delay. I will demonstrate how to degauss.

Magnetic object

The following products emit magnetism, which affects the operation of the watch.

  • • Audio equipment
  • • Smart phones
  • • Magnetic necklace or magnetic health items
  • • Alternating current transformer for computers of other products
  • • Induction cooker

In addition, there are many magnetic objects, and when the watch is close to these magnetic objects, the watch may be magnetized.

What happens when the watch is magnetized

The following will explain the issues with magnetic watches. If your watch exhibits any of these symptoms, please contact the manufacturer or a repair facility.

  • • After the calibration, it will be inaccurate immediately
  • • Even if the battery is replaced, the watch still stops moving (when the watch is an analog battery watch)
  • • Even if the balance spring is rotated, the time of the watch is still delayed (when the watch is a mechanical watch)

The necessity of demagnetization

When a watch becomes magnetized, it must be demagnetized. The process of eliminating magnetism from a watch is referred to as demagnetization. When degaussing, you must disassemble the watch, confirm each component individually, and perform demagnetization. The degaussing of the watch is a very sophisticated technology, regardless of how small the parts are magnetized. Furthermore, because the magnetic force is not visible to the human eye, magnetic inspection of the parts is critical.

To undertake degaussing operations, ordinary households just require a commercially available degausser. The degausser, on the other hand, may magnetize the watch. When the sequence is incorrect, the watch’s magnetic field is disrupted. As a result, it is advised that you seek direct assistance from the manufacturer or repair shop.

Invisible magnetism

When the compass is close to the watch, the pointer begins to rotate rapidly; this indicates that the watch has been magnetized. Human eyes, however, cannot see magnetism, and everyday life is filled with interference from many electronic items. As a result, determining if a watch is magnetized without a compass is typically difficult. Because smart phones, audio equipment, and even magnetic health products around us can all affect the watch, determining if it is magnetized is tricky. This type of error is much more difficult to detect when compared to other error circumstances.

Keep away from magnetic objects

When a watch becomes magnetized, it must be demagnetized. You should also be cautious in everyday life and avoid exposing the watch to magnetic objects. Because the magnetic force weakens with distance, you can keep the watch from being influenced by the magnetic force if you stay away from magnetic things. Magnetic force will scarcely interfere with the antimagnetic watch (above JIS1 type) as long as it is more than 5 cm away from magnetic things and the non-magnetic watch is more than 10 cm away from magnetic items. However, you must remain vigilant in order to avoid placing the watch on electronic devices such as smart phones that you frequently carry.


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