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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

K18 amethyst pendant top


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September 2022

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Hello to everyone reading the Jewel Cafe blog. This time, I would like to introduce the appraisal of the K18 amethyst pendant that I sold at Jewel Cafe. Among the jewelry I received from my grandmother, I had no chance to wear this amethyst pendant top, so I brought it for a free assessment. The large amethyst was chipped, scratched, and shiny, and the pendant top clasp was 18k gold. A pendant top with an amethyst gemstone on a base metal of K18. While the appraisal was high, we decided to sell it and bought it at a high price.

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Thank you very much for visiting Jewel Cafe store among many purchase shops. This time, I heard that the K18 amethyst pendant top she brought to me was a memento of her grandmother. The necklace chain attached to the top of the pendant was so simple that I was worried that I would have a chance to wear it. While listening to your feelings, I returned the necklace chain as a memento of my grandmother, and purchased only the K18 amethyst pendant top. Please feel free to contact us when you want to organize your family's important items such as relics. We will listen to you and think about the best way together. Assessment is free. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

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Purple amethyst, which represents a noble color, is considered to be a highly spiritual stone and is said to have the effect of turning negative energy into positive. It enhances the sixth sense and can be expected to be effective as a talisman to protect yourself from evil things. It is also said to deepen the emotional bond with your loved ones as a "guardian stone of love" and nurture the strength to protect true love. increase. It should give the power of healing to those who have anxiety, and the power of peace to those who are hurt. Amethyst's purple is a mixture of passionate red and calm blue, so it is said that you will be able to control your emotions with a strong heart and bring intuition and calm judgment.

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