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Purchase date: May 26, 2023

I Bought 916 Bracelet and Ring

K22 Gold

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May 2023

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Hello everyone. Today I bought 916 ring and bracelet from this middle age guy. He came around 7 p.m. to check his gold. He said all this gold belong to his wife. Since his wife need money for breast cancer operation, they both decide to sell the gold. All gold was bought five years ago and his wife rarely used them. So, the gold still looks new and shining. After explained about our concept, he agreed to sell to us.

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Thank you for coming to Jewel Café AEON AU2 Setiawangsa. We welcomed all of our customer with the warmth of our hearts. If you are new, you can enjoy our special benefits with no expiry date. We accept various type of gold, either it is heavy or light, dense or hollow. You can enjoy free drinks and snacks while waiting for estimation being conducted. We offered competitive bid price with the instant cash concept, so please drop by our outlet at AEON AU2 to enjoy our five-star service.

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Gold will be a good choice for long investment as the price keep on rising. Like this customer, his 916 bracelet and rings are 5 years old with nice density reading. The design are quite heavy and suitable for person who likes luxury look. Normally it is famous for accessories among woman, as man only bought it for long term investment. The grade as we all know is K22 and the composition of gold is around 91.6%. Although price of gold sometimes fluctuate, people can choose to keep it and sell when the price rise.

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