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Purchase date: November 27, 2021

18K Gold (K18) Kihei Necklace

K18 Gold

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November 2021

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You brought Kihei's necklace this time! Kihei is the name of how to connect chains. The Kihei chain is made by twisting one of the chains (top) and crushing it to 90 degrees. The crushed surfaces are lined up neatly and face the same surface, and since they are continuous, it is a typical design of a chain that has been popular for a long time with a profound image. Therefore, Kihei's necklace that you brought in was heavy, and it had a K18 stamp on it, and the specific density was well valued, so I bought it at a high price!

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe Bukit Raja. At Jewel Cafe, you can buy not only rings and necklaces, but also jewelry that can't be used because it's broken, and even one catch of earrings. If you have any jewelry that you do not want to use, please feel free to visit Jewel Cafe Malaysia. Assessments are always free of charge. All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

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Gold is also known for its high value because it is resistant to discoloration and has high durability. 18K gold has a high purity, so it is less likely to cause allergies. Furthermore, 18K gold, which accounts for three-quarters of the total, is a very soft material, so it is easy to process and is suitable as a material for jewelry such as necklaces. Kihei's necklace is especially popular among 18-karat gold jewelry.

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