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Purchase date: November 12, 2021

I Bought Platinum Jewelries

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November 2021

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You came to the store for the first time and asked if we could buy a plastic of necklaces with a name on it. When I checked it with a loop, there was an engraved date on the back of the plastic necklace. Jewel Café Bukit Raja store is eco-recycled, we will melted and reused, so even if it has a name on it, we told you that it is possible to purchase platinum material, and we assessed it. Your items didn't have a certificate, but I added the amount in consideration of the design of the jewelries. I was delighted that the amount was good.

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Thank you for using Jewel Cafe Bukit Raja. At Jewel Cafe Bukit Raja, we can purchase even one piece of platinum jewelry. Anything that is cut or broken are welcome. If you bought a piece of jewelry that you bought a long time ago but the design doesn't suit your taste, or if you have a metal allergy that you can't get rid of, or if you have jewelry that isn't used, the assessment is free of charge. We look forward to seeing you again. You will need an ID such as a IC or driver's license to make a contract, so please bring it with you.

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I bought platinum jewelry this time. Platinum is called "platinum" in Japanese. The literal translation of white gold is "platinum," but to be precise, it is "white gold." Platinum and white gold are different metals, although they look similar and can be easily mistaken. Platinum, which uses the letters gold, is a member of the white metal element, not gold. Since it is a soft and stretchable metal, it is easy to process and it's suitable for jewelry with a delicate design. Platinum, which shines white without worrying about deterioration or discoloration in daily life, can be said to be a metal that enhances gems even more beautifully. Platinum is a precious metal that can be obtained from only 3g of 1 ton of raw ore. In addition, 70% of the production area is South Africa, and the limited space also makes it highly rare. Platinum is classified as a white metal, and bright white is a natural color. It is resistant to heat, acid and sweat, so you don't have to worry about discoloration or deterioration in your daily life. At Jewel Cafe, the platinum jewelry you purchased is melted and reused. We purchase even one item, so please bring it to the free assessment.

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