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Gold Pieces

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January 2023

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This is the first time this customer come here. She have some broken jewelries and have been searching a place to sell all the broken parts. The places that she went to sell the gold did not accept the broken parts. She is very grateful that she found our shop because we can quote a price for her items.

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam! Here, we accept various types of gold, which is the highest grade that we can take is the 999.9 gold and the lowest grade is 375 grade of gold. Even for white gold also we can buy. We have some procedures that we carry out to examine whether the gold is a real gold or not. If the gold passed all the test, we can buy the gold although there is no seal on the item. So, after checking, the gold from this customer has passed all the test and we can buy the gold.

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This parts come from a jewelry that she has, but it was broken already. The seal may be on the other part of the jewelry but since it was broken, we cannot find the seal on this item. After passed the test procedures to check this gold, we can buy the gold by quoting the price which comes out from our machine.

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