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Color Diamond

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September 2022

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The customer brought in a few pieces of jewelry for estimation. All the items are shiny with diamonds and colorful gemstones. According to the customer, she has been used to liking jewelry with diamonds and gemstones because they are shiny and quite expensive. All the items are been her favorite items. But then, realize she had many already and decided to sell some of them. The customer is also aware of the resell value for all the items.

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Thank you for choosing us to sell your items. We actually do buy gemstones and diamonds but there are depending on the carat and demand. Because for some reason, diamonds and gemstones that did not have any certificate from certified Labs will affect the price. Especially for the melee diamonds 0.001 and 0.2 carats, they are not very valuable. For further information, you may contact us.

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What is a gemstone? Gemstones are mineral crystals that have been dug from inside the earth. Then they will be cut and polished to make pieces of jewelry or other things. The most popular gemstones that we know are such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. If you want to propose to your beloved one, then a Diamond is the best choice because it also knows as a forever gem that symbolizes forever love. Their price is based on 4Cs that you can get from the certified gemology laboratory.

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