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Purchase date: January 29, 2023

We buy YSL Vintage Waxed Canvas

Yves Saint-Laurent

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January 2023

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Customer bought 30 years ago and condition pretty bad. This bag called old fashion cause right now people like trend fashion, vogue, glamour. We still buy with low price cause the bag still have demand even low. Customer wanted to sell cause it doesn't fit with her current fashion and then she already have kids so small bag not enough for women who are mothers.

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We would like say thank you to choose Jewel Cafe. We will try the best to help our customer to buy any item they bring but our price will based on demand market at Japan and we will pay with instant cash. If each item have higher demand at our auction so the price will be higher but if not we cannot do anything beside we can provide to you member benefit that you will use later.

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Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Waxed Canvas Crossbody. This handbag features multi colored waxed canvas, with a red leather strap. Plenty of room to fit all the necessities. Flap on both sides of the purse, with interior pockets. YSL logo on the gold clasp closure. Perfect size to also fit an iPad!!

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