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Purchase date: January 26, 2023

Customer Selling her Prada Tessuto Quilted Nylon Shoulder Bag


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January 2023

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We received a phone call from a customer, she informed us that she intends to come to our store today and sell her unwanted designer bags because she wants to clear the unwanted bags from her wardrobe. Her voice was so softly spoken from the phone she had called before. As soon as she entered Jewel Cafe Bukit Raja. She looks like she's a chill person. She likes our complimentary service because we provide drinks and cookies to customers at no charge. She is also satisfied with the price because it is very acceptable from the condition of the bag and the brand itself.

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Dear customer, thank you for taking the time to visit our store at Jewel Cafe Aeon Bukit Raja. While the customer is waiting for the designer bag estimate process to be done, we would like to provide you with a complimentary service because we want our customers to be comfortable with our place. We're glad you like our complimentary service. We will ensure that our prices meet your satisfaction because we offer the most reasonable prices followed by the demand of the used market, condition, production year and so on. Please come again to redeem member benefits to earn more cash from selling your branded items.

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Prada 1BB903 Quilted Tessuto Nylon is another product made by Prada. From the inside we can see 1 Internal Zip Pocket and 3 Multi-Function Slide Pockets. Elegant tessuto quitled nylon material complete with high quality strap made of stainless steel chain looks very beautiful, elegant and stylish from outside.

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