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Purchase date: August 12, 2022

I Purchased Chanel Classic Flap Boy Medium Handbag


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August 2022

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Today we have purchased Classic Flap Boy handbag from Chanel brand. This repeat customer come and brought this medium size handbag to be estimated. She said she bought it around 2014 and wore only two times. Then she only kept in the wardrobe. Since she knew our outlet can accept used handbag, she decides to bring them. This handbag is a medium size, and have silver hardware. The condition is average because have some make up stain and scratches at the leather. She agreed with the price offered and said at least she can earn some cash from this used handbag.

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Thank you for choosing Jewel Café AEON AU2 Setiawangsa. Here we accept various type of branded watch including new and old models with high price offered. Jewel Café concept are instant cash. So, our café would be the right place for someone who need cash instantly, or for those who want to change their second-hand item to cash. Also, we offer free estimation and many interesting benefits for you. So please come to our café at AEON AU2 to enjoy our life time benefit and best service from our friendly staff.

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This Classic Flap Boy is a model of handbag from Chanel brand. It is new medium size and comes in black color. The leather is made from lamb skin and the hardware are in silver tone color. This bag usually matches for special event or occasion, or also can be used for outing with partner. This exclusive design has pocket with zipper inside, and also have two compartment that can fit many stuffs like handphone, long purse, make up and others.

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