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February 18, 2021


Handbags are a necessity as well as a fashion statement. It is one of the most important accessories for women as we cannot set a foot outside without our cherished handbag. It is important that our handbag is distinctive, stylish and chic. Comfort, practicality, design, material are some important aspects which should be in consideration while buying a handbag.

Some people believe that branded handbag as a investment in the future. Good or not for investment is depend on brand, quality of the handbag.

Now we want to share the 5 most popular handbag brand in the world. 


Hermes is a manufacturer of high-quality fashionable goods that includes an unbelievable range of beautiful handbags. It is a French company that was founded in the year 1837, making it one of the oldest and iconic brands in the fashion industry.

The products are handmade with extraordinary design and craftsmanship making them exclusive items cherished by one and all.

One of the most popular Hermes handbags was Birkin.


Chanel is one of the luxurious and premium brands in the fashion industry. This iconic brand was introduced in the year 1909 by Coco Chanel and with time has made a great impact in the global arena.

Chanel is of French origin and operates via independent Chanel boutiques in most of the continents of the world. This billion dollar company posted 9.6 billion dollars as its revenues at the end of the fiscal year 2017.

The company offers expensive but exclusive handbags to its elite customers.


Louis Vuitton Malletier introduced Louis Vuitton in 1854 in Paris, France. They launched their first bag in 1930. They came up with an LV Monogram Canvas, particularly for their products. Speedy is one of their luxury product that can last for years and remain in shape.


Gucci Jackie is an Italian origin company founded in the year 1921. This luxury fashion brand deals in leather goods including extravagant handbags. Gucci has been ranked as one of the most valuable brands as its revenues crossed 4.3 billion US dollars mark by the end of the financial year 2016.

Gucci handbags can be described only as masterpieces.  It is one of the most luxurious items of its brand that speaks of opulence and style. Satin, waterproof canvas, bamboo, and animal skins were used to create exotic bags that are considered best buys amongst its customer base.


Prada is a fashion brand dealing in accessories including its popular line of leather handbags. It is an Italian origin public company founded in the year 1913 by Mario Prada.

Prada has been determined to offer handbags that women could easily love and cherish. It is no longer only an accessory but an integral part of a women’s ensemble.

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