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20 Styles Of Hermes Bag Collection

January 2, 2021

Are You A Fan Of Hermes?

Good Day Hermes Lovers!

When you hear the brand Hermes,  you will automatically think of the most famous styles; Birkin. Actually, there are so many more bag styles to the Hermes brand  which are stunning in their own right. Let’s check it out a few bag design in Hermes collection.


Hermes Birkin Bag

[Used] [almost new] Hermes 25 gold metal fittings Birkin [handbag]

【GOODA掲載】【厳選商品】【中古】エルメス 35 ゴールド金具 バーキン 【ハンドバッグ】 ギフト プレゼント

【GOODA掲載】【厳選商品】【中古】【美品】エルメス 35 ゴールド金具 バーキン レディース【ハンドバッグ】 ギフト プレゼント

Over the year, Birkin has came in various sizes, colors and skin. The smaller 25cm Birkin has become more popular due to its cute size. If you are looking for something slightly bigger, 30cm size is great choice.

Hermes Shoulder Birkin Bag

[Beautiful goods] Silver hardware Shoulder Birkin Ladies [Shoulder bag] [Used]


Shoulder Birkin is named after its designer, John Paul Gaultier. It’s have features with extended handles allowing the bag to be worn on the shoulder. All of the hardware is larger than  regular Birkin.

Hermes Kelly Bag

[Good Condition] Hermes 35 Silver Hardware Kelly [Handbag] [Used]

Whilst Birkin is the signature design for Hermes, in the recent year, Kelly has became popular due to its shape and strap design that more easier to carry.

Hermes Constance Bag

Perfect for all occasions, Constance is a must have bags for Hermes lover!

Hermes Lindy Bag

[Used] [almost new] Hermes 30 silver metal fittings 2WAY shoulder bag Lindy [handbag]

[Pre-owned] [Almost new] Hermes 30 Silver hardware 2 WAY shoulder bag Lindy [Handbag] [pre-owned]

[Pre-owned] [Almost new] Hermes 302WAY shoulder bag shoulder gold fittings Lindy [Handbag]

The Lindy have stylish look. You can look stunning when carry it as a satchel or when worn on the shoulder. This bag made of  leather and palladium plated hardware comes with shoulder strap and handle.

Hermes Evelyn Bag

Hermes 1PM Silver Hardware Evelyn [Shoulder Bag] [Beauty]

[GOODA] [New stock] [Used] IGMH logo punching shoulder Evelyn [shoulder bag]

Since 1978, this Hermes Evelyn first intended to tend horses, to store and carry horse grooming. It is sewn without a lining and brightened up with ‘H’ perforation.

Hermes Bolide Bag

[Good Condition] Hermes 27 Silver Hardware 2WAY Shoulder Bag Bored [Handbag] [Used]



This Bolide bag not only known as travel companion but it is also the first ever Hermes bag to have zipper compartment.

Hermes Garden Party Bag

[Good Condition] Hermes MM Garden Party [Tote Bag] [Used]

[Beauty] Hermes PM Silver Hardware Garden Party Ladies [Tote Bag]

The Hermes Garden Party bag is designed like other typical tote bag. It has one big open compartment. It is also designed to be functional and accommodate your personal things easily.

Hermes Cabag Bag

[Good Condition] Hermes PM2WAY Shoulder Bag Cover [Tote Bag] [Used]

Hermes Cabag Bag is one of the simple and elegant tote bag that is perfect for daily luxury. This bag features a round top handle, a shoulder strap and an open top design.

Hermes Beach Bag

Hermes Pannier Ed Plage PM [Tote Bag] [Beauty]

Hermes Beach Bag is crafted from a beautifully printed canvas and comes with dual handles. Comes with many printed pattern in many variant and cheerful color.

Hermes Massai Bag

[Used] [Good Condition] Hermes PM Shoulder Silver Hardware Masai [Shoulder Bag]

This beauty is crafted from a leather and features a deep ‘U’ cut at the top. Creating a comfortable space for your arm while carrying. It comes with top handle and a top zip closure.

Hermes Jypsiere Bag

[Almost new] Hermes 31 diagonally hanging gypsiere [shoulder bag] [used]

Hermes Jypsiere bag is a re-interpretation of the iconic Hermes Kelly bag. This bag is messenger type bag that have round bottom and thick adjustable shoulder strap.

Hermes Vespa Bag

[Good Condition] Hermes PM Gold Metal Vespa Ladies [Shoulder Bag] [Used]


Hermes Vespa is a perfect choice for simplicity and elegance. Crafted from leather and canvas strap, it is also comes with a unique mantel lock that houses an open pocket.

Hermes Le Tote Bag

[Used] [Good Condition] Hermes PM Silver Metal Valparaiso [Handbag]

This is the classic design by Hermes feature with front flap and double strap.

Hermes Picotin Lock Bag


Hermes Cabas Bag

[Beauty] Hermes Kabas PM Ale Bag [Shoulder Bag]

[Beauty] Hermes Kabas PM Ale Bag [Shoulder Bag]

[Beauty] Hermes Kabas PM Ale Bag [Shoulder Bag]

Hermes Cabas comes with 2 in 1 features. This bag made from two canvas with a leather on top frame and strap. The leather frame is similar to iconic Kelly bag and can be attach to either of the canvas bag.

Hermes Double Sens Bag



Hermes Double Sens Handbag is a lightweight and practical bag that includes double strap handle with narrow base. This bag also known as reversible tote and come in 3 sizes : 36cm, 45cm and Maxi.

Hermes Forre Tout Tote Bag



[Used] [Good Condition] Hermes GM Shoulder Bag Shoulder Fool Toe [Tote Bag]


This Forre Tout Tote Bag is like tote bag made from canvas. It is also have features dual flat strap and tonal toile lining.

Hermes Herline Tote Bag






This Herline Tote Bag is almos look alike Forre Tout tote bag. It is also made from canvas. It is also have features dual flat strap and tonal toile lining but we can see the line pattern is more slimmer and most of them come in same color as the bag body.

Hermes Muzo Bag

[Used] [Good Condition] Hermesto Bag Shoulder Muzo [Shoulder Bag]

This Muzo is one of the shoulder bag in Hermes collection. It is come with Togo leather and also double shoulder strap. Togo leather is commonly used for the ultimate Birkin. Made from calf leather, lightweight but still can hold the shape.


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