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The Materials for Louis Vuitton Bags Collection

August 17, 2019
Hello LV lovers! Most of you must be curious of materials used for your authentic and beautiful Louis Vuitton bags right? Here, we will share some information for you all as new knowledge in luxury bags world. Let’s check it out.


A) Monogram Canvas You probably know that the most iconic and recognizable of all the LV bag materials is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas. The design was created by George Vuitton (Louis’ son) in 1896 who had started to copy the luggage-maker’s designs. The elegant pattern of flowers and intertwining initials was inspired by Japanese designs that were trendy during the Victorian era. The most notable part of the canvas, however, is the canvas itself. LV’s coated cotton canvas was something of a revolutionary product at the time and differentiated the luggage-maker from its competitors. Today, the canvas is known to be more durable and water-resistant than most leathers – and still very beautiful and classic. [Pre] [almost new] Louis Vuitton V tote BB monogram M43967 [handbag] [Pre] [almost new] Louis Vuitton Tournel PM monogram M44057 [handbag] [Almost new] Louis Vuitton Tuileries Tote Monogram M43439 [Tote] [Used] [Used] [almost new] Louis Vuitton Jena MM Monogram M42267 [Tote Bag] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Monogram M41178 [Tote Bag] [Used] B) Damier Ebene and Damier Azur Canvas The Damier Canvas print was actually created before the Monogram in 1888, believe it or not. Re-released in 1998, Damier – which means checkerboard – refers to the design style. Like the Monogram, it is made of coated cotton canvas. The most recognizable Damier canvases are probably the Damier Ebene and Damier Azur – though they do come in other colors. The Ebene has a black canvas base, printed over with brown checkerboard which is why, when the bag is gently used, it can often fade to black. 【中古】【美品】ルイヴィトントレヴィPMダミエN51997【ハンドバッグ】 [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Jersey Damier N44041 Ladies [Tote Bag] [Used] [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier N51105 [Tote Bag] [Used] [Unused / New] Louis Vuitton LV Riverside Damier N40050 [Tote Bag] The same is true for the Damier Azur, which has a blue base and a white checkerboard overlay. With the tiny logo fit sporadically into squares, many people consider the Damier bags to be more subtle than the Monogram. [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Portofeuil Salad Mie Azul N63208 [Wallet] [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Jena MM Damier Azur N44040 [Tote Bag] [Pre] [almost new] Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Azur N41605 [Tote] [Almost new] Louis Vuitton Totally PM Damier Azur N41280 [Tote] [Used] C) Monogram Multicolor The Monogram Multicolore canvas collaboration between LV and the artist Takashi Murakami was released in 2003 by Marc Jacobs. Described as a ‘Kauai palette’ – referring to the bright, tropical-inspired colors – this canvas certainly reflected Marc Jacob’s splashier aesthetic, one that was toned down after Nicolas Ghesquiere took over the reigns of Louis Vuitton in 2013. But, the Multicolore was an extraordinary hit and the most successful design to come out of Louis Vuitton’s 13 year relationship with Takashi Murakami. Now, of course, the Multicolore is often found in limited edition on re-sale, making it more coveted and often more expensive. [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Eliza Monogram Multi Color M40099 [Shoulder Bag] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Pochette Miramonogram Multicolor M60098 [Accessory Pouch] [Used] [Used] [almost new] Louis Vuitton Portolezor International Monogram Multicolor M92658 [long wallet] [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Petite Noemonogram Multi Color M42229 [Shoulder Bag]


Vernis in French means “varnish” and that is at the heart of this dazzling, shiny material. The Monogram Vernis was introduced by Marc Jacobs in 1998, just after he took over as head of Louis Vuitton and, again, reflects his more fanciful stamp on the label. The material is made of embossed calfskin leather that is coated with a patent finish to give the bag a sparkly look when placed in the sunlight. Bags made of Monogram Vernis tend to have a youthful, energetic quality. However, unlike many other LV products, this material needs more care. The varnish can scratch or chip. It is also good not to set it down on newspaper as it can pick up ink stains. [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Sunset Blue Bird Verni M93680 [Accessory Pouch] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Arma BB Monogram Verni M91771 [Handbag] [Used] 【中古】【美品】ルイヴィトンアルマBBヴェルニM91678【ハンドバッグ】


Inspired by a grained leather LV used in the 1920’s, Epi leather was re-introduced in 1985 and is probably the most identifiable Louis Vuitton material after the Monogram and Damier canvases. Epi is a tough, rigid leather that has been treated with plant dye to give it a two-toned quality and a resistance to water and scratching. Despite the rigidity, Epi bags actually have a nice, natural stretch which, combined with their structured quality, make for an interesting feel and silhouette. Another interesting factor about Epi leather is that it is actually the very first leather LV introduced to their collection. [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Almaepi M52142 [Handbag] [Used] [Used] [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Twist MM Epi M50380 [Shoulder Bag] [Pre] [goods] Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet Epi M61858 [long wallet] [Unused / New] Louis Vuitton Portofeuil Twist Compact Epi M64414 Ladies [Folded Wallet] [Used]


The Empreinte monogram was introduced in 2010 and is made of soft, durable, high-quality calf leather that is very easy to take care of. Bags made of Empreinte tend to be heavier than the same bags made of canvas and a little less rigid (the Speedy, for example, comes in both Empreinte and canvas.) For this reason – and the deep pigments that Empreinte is produced in – they tend to have a lush, soft quality to them that is wonderful to touch and see. [Good Condition] Louis Vuitton Matherine Monogram Anchor Plant M50638 [Handbag] [Used] [Almost new] Louis Vuitton Very Tote MMM42888 [Tote] [Used] [Used] [Unused / New old goods] Louis Vuitton Speedy Vandriere 25NM Monogram Anchor Plant M42401 [Boston Bag] We hope this information is useful for you especially in term of care or if you wish to buy your new LV collection. Choosing the right material is important for the good long lasting condition and future second hand market value if you want to let it go one fine day. If you have one of these LV bag made from any of material we told above in your collection that you wish to let go, come and sell to us! We willing to buy your bag with high price depends on your bag condition, have complete accessories, second hand market demand value and etc. Besides, we also buy gold, white gold, platinum, diamond, silver, gold bar, gold coin and etc. We accept any grade of gold, so feel free to bring for free estimation too! Jewel cafe also accept any branded handbag such as Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Coach, MK, Salvatore Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Bvlgari and etc. Other than that we also can buy your branded watch such as ROLEX, FRANK MULLER, OMEGA, PATEK PHILIPPE, IWC, PANERAI, LOUIS VUITTON, TAG HEUER, BREITLING  and etc. If our branched is too far for you to drop by, please try out our What’s App Estimation, LINE.estimation, or EMAIL.Estimation.  WHAT’S APP estimation : (+60) 12-4131242 LINE.estimation ID: jewelcafemalaysia EMAIL.Estimation:   *Term and condition apply! You also can visit our Bukit Raja, Klang branch or AU2, KL branch. Address and contact no. as following: ====================================== AEON BUKIT RAJA SHOPPING CENTRE, F34 FIRST FLOOR, PERSIARAN BUKIT RAJA 2, BANDAR BARU KLANG, 41150 KLANG, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN. TEL: 03-3358 8466 ====================================== AEON AU2 SETIAWANGSA SHOPPING CENTRE, LOT G26 GROUND FLOOR, NO.6, JALAN TAMAN SETIAWANGSA AU2, TAMAN KERAMAT, 54200 KUALA LUMPUR. TEL: 03-4251 1151 ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇   We have purchased various items, such as…
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