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How to tell the Hermes Birkin is FAKE?

February 3, 2021

Hermes Birkin, recognizable bag

Exclusively manufactured by hand. They only produce 5-6 bags per month and it has 3,000 seams made by hand. It usually will take about 15 to 30 hours plus to produce only one bag.

1. Leather

Hermes uses the highest quality of leather so there will be no smell and the feel of the authentic Hermes bag. It should not bulge or slouch too much even the bag is the pre-loved one.

2. Piping

Even the bag is well used, the piping should not be very torn and rubbed.

3. Hardware

Hermes usually uses palladium or gold plated on their hardware which means it will not faded or tarnish. It usually looks and feels heavy.

4. Lock

The lock and keys are smooths with no burrs and blemishes and the engraving also very neat and clear.

5. Clochette

Keys are attached directly to the leather band. Clochette also been made of one piece leather folded on the top. The stitching also should be perfect as it’s handmade and hand-stitched.

6. Zipper

There should be “Hermes” engraving on the metal puller. The puller also must be aligned with the zipper all the time.

7. Heat stamp

All Hermes bag have a heat stamp. It can be both, either gold or silver heat stamp depends on the model and color. It has Hermes logo and the phrase “Made in France” with uppercase using the original font on the heat stamp. It’s all centered and heavenly lined up.

8. Blind stamp

Blind stamp is a code featuring a letter and often in a shape that indicates when the bag was manufactured. Additional numbers next to the blind stamp indicate the section at the atelier where the artisan who crafted the bags work. The square also should be neat and crisp.

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