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How to store leather handbag at home

January 2, 2021

Leather handbag

Leather bags are stylish, classic and durable that can be carried to all occasions. So, it is important to keep a good care of it so we can keep enjoying the pleasure of having them for long with no loss of sheen.


Let us share with you how to store your leather handbags at home. Before that, let us understand the fabric first. 


Leather is made of animal hide, which is generally sourced from cattle and then tanned to make it flexible or durable. To color leather, an aniline-dye is used, which gets saturated into pigments on the skin while retaining the natural grain. Full grain leather is considered to be of the highest quality.

Things you need to keep your leather bag in a best condition:

  1. Leather cleaner
  2. Leather conditioner
  3. Bubble wrap
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Soft cotton cloth
  6. Dust bag
  7. Pillow case

Tips; how to to store your leather handbag at home?

  1. Keep in dust cover or old pillowcase. Do not sealed your leather handbag in a plastic bag or container as it made of living hide so let them breathe too. 
  2. Fill the bag with butter paper or bubble wrap to maintain he shape. Avoid using the newspaper as may not retain the original shape after expansion. 
  3. Put silica gel inside the bag to avoid the bag from dampening.
  4. Keep leather bag outside at least once for every two weeks so some air can pass in to prevent any growth of mold. 
  5. If it have a chain handle, put the handle inside the bag or use bubble wrap to cover the chain so can prevent any scratches outside during the storage period.

Tips for prevention

  1. Prevent our leather bag from getting dirty at the first place. So, keep it on a clean place and always handle with clean hands. 
  2. Avoid keeping the leather bag near the extreme temperature. 
  3. Avoid keeping on the concrete floor to prevent from fungus.
  4. Put cosmetic item in other bag/box to keep small item from spilling. 
  5. Keep away leather bag from jeans, as it may transfer the color.
  6. Regularly, keep rotating your leather bag every month as everyday use may result in wearing it out.


Just for your information, white leather bags naturally gets yellow and darken with age. Leather also have a tendency to dry out over time. 


Preventing your leather bag from flaking and wrinkling with a conditioner (specially made for leather). Put it on a soft cloth and rub gently all over the bag with soft hands. At least do the conditioning process on the leather bag once in every month. 


Caution: Do not use leather conditioner on patent leather and never used oil on leather bag a it may drip and cause blemishes. 


Absorb as much water as possible with microfiber hand towel if water spills on your leather bag and always let it dry normally at the room temperature. Speed drying will cause the change in the chemical structure of leather. 


Hopefully with these tips for a primary care of your leather bag will help you in storing and caring your leather bags at home. We are not providing any cleaning service, it just a sharing on how to keep it look like brand new always. 

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