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Sell your unwanted jewelry, DAMIANI K18 Bangle. AEON AU2 Setiawangsa

February 26, 2017


Happy Weekend 🙂


Did you know that Jewel Cafe is Japan No.1 company buyers of Gold, Coin, Gold Bar, and other Precious Metals? We pay fair, market-driven prices for any product that we can inspect and authenticate, with no hidden fees on top of what is shown on our website. The people in our purchasing department are helpful and friendly.

If you have any unwanted jewelry such as K24, K22, K18, K14, K10, K9, Gold Bar, Gold Coin and etc.!

We purchase even the jewelry was broken and a single earring.


Just bring your items for FREE ESTIMATION and get your cash once you agree with the price.

While waiting for the appraisal, you can enjoy our complimentary FREE DRINKS at our coffee space with the cozy environment.

Now!! We buy your Damiani 750 Ruby Bangle.

Did you very familiar about DAMIANI Jewelry??

Damiani S.p.A., the parent company of the Damiani Group, historically is a leading company in the Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewelry and high-level luxury watches.

All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian-made sublimely crafted products that have made the jewelry masters ambassadors of Italian Style and craftsmanship across the world since 1924.

The DAMIANI 750 Ruby Bangle as follow,








DAMIANI 750 levy mere diamond Lepoch Bangle 

Chain: approx. 18 cm chain  

Weight: 5.5mm weight:25.4g 



Feel free to visit us and approach our professional staff for more information.


We also purchase your unwanted branded items such as handbag, wallet, branded watches and etc.

We accept for all brand such like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and etc.

With or without receipt will be accepted.


*Terms and condition apply*.


You can visit us in AU2 Setiawangsa branch or  AEON Bukit Raja Klang branch.


Address and contact no. as following:


KL Branch: AEON AU2 SETIAWANGSA SHOPPING CENTRE, LOT G26 GROUND FLOOR, NO.6, JALAN TAMAN SETIAWANGSA AU2, TAMAN KERAMAT, 54200 KUALA LUMPUR. TEL: 03-4251 1151 ===================================================

AEON BUKIT RAJA SHOPPING CENTRE, F34 FIRST FLOOR, PERSIARAN BUKIT RAJA 2, BANDAR BARU KLANG, 41150 KLANG, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN. 03-3358 8466 ===================================================



We have purchased various items, such as… ●Gold, Platinum and Silver products ●Diamonds and any designed Jewelry ●Branded Watches ●Branded Handbags ●Branded Cosmetics ●iPhone, iPad


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